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"I get asked all the time if its painted"

Ben Gill

This project wasn't just a drive in drive out job, Ben brought his car to us with very little modifications done, but with very big ideas in his head. First up was choosing a colour, Ben decided from day 1 he wanted something dark and moody but without been boring. After flicking through over 300 colours that we offer, Ben showed us the 3M Black Rose sample. We both nodded and that was that.

A few weeks later Ben rang and told us he had booked in at Novak's in Wakefield for air ride suspension fitting to the Mercedes. He then proceeded to tell us that he was going to pick up a new set of Avant Garde M615 wheels finished in bronze all whilst he was on his way to get a full exhaust system fitted at Tony Banks custom exhausts in Leeds. This guy was on a role.

With the Airlift Performance struts fitted running 3P management, the new exhaust system and the wheels in the back, Ben turned up on wrap day.

After the first day the car was washed, stripped down, clay barred, and cleaned. All the grills, rear diffuser and the Avant Gardes were at the spray shop going high gloss black, Tuesday was vinyl laying day.

After we wrapped the first panel we knew this was going to be one amazing colour for this car, why didn't Mercedes think of this?!

Alex came round from AK tints and limo'd out the back windows, the gloss parts came back from the spray shop and last panel was wrapped, we then put her back together.

We polished her up using our Paint Killers gloss enhancer, aired out to the ground and took a step back to take it all in...

Ben came on the morning of Ultimate Stance 2016 to pick her up as he was centre stage at the show entrance hall, I don't think we even need to explain how over the moon he was.


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