Mercedes C63 AMG "Soul series"

a short but terrifying story about how I found out what "Soul series" meant on the Black series that entered our workshop.

Cursing for myself I checked on the engine bay of the Abarth 500 of my friend that just arrived at my workplace, I had to admit I admired the car by the performance alone it gave for quite a reasonable price, it was also pretty nice despite how cramped was on the inside, for me the Abarth 500 was a pretty fun and beautiful affordable hot hatch everyone should try.

Once again while I was trying to fit the new intercooler which would push the car`s power to 175 hp the 10 mm flew out of the tool it was supposed to be latched on and got stuck in the car`s engine bay, I looked from below the abarth but then I saw the flat underside meant for a better aerodynamic efficiency, I knew that accursed thing was somewhere within the flat underside secretly mocking me and my growing rage as I got mad searching on the floor for it just in case I didn`t hear it, just as I came close to the front right tire of the car and tried shaking it to make the 10mm fall out of its hiding place a sudden shout threw me off balance, the Abarth shook as my arm went crashing against the hot exhaust pipe and the 10mm bounced around on the engine bay before jumping out trough the other side and falling on the floor, yelping a bit in pain I removed my arm quickly and checked on it, luckily it was just a minor burn and not a full second degree burn, only god knows how hot a car`s exhaust pipe can get.

“stop messing around and come in! I need you for one thing A!"

“I'm going I'm going!” I replied as I cleaned a bit my arm from grease and any other detritus that got stuck to my work clothes forgetting about the 10mm and going to the office in the other end of the workshop I went up the stairs and opened the door where my boss was.

"about time you showed up, I would like you to help with something that just arrived straight from the Usa last night, do you know Mercedes right?" my boss said as he fiddled with the keys of a Mercedes on his table, under the mercedes emblem on the key he was toying with I could see the famous logo of AMG, whose meaning was the union of the surname of its founders, Aufrecht and Melcher, and the city of origin of Aufrecht, Grossapach.

"Are you listening?!" my boss suddenly raised his voice and made me snap back on my senses, I had distracted myself too much by looking at the AMG logo on the car key for some reason, I couldn`t hear his words, much less see his face I only saw the AMG logo on the key as if somehow it absorbed my full attention.

"The problem is serious right?" I said taking a gamble expecting to get lucky on what the boss had tried to say.

"According to the Simi Valley dealer this rare C63 AMG Soul series wich is a pretty rare edition derived straight from the AMG Black series with 800 horsepower under the hood has some serious trotthle problems, sometimes it accelerates on its own and the brakes do not respond the way they should...I would like you to take it for a spin on the city and get it going fast, i want that piece of german junk out of my workshop fast, remember that next month we are getting a rally part shipment and we need space, the car is on the parking lot" he said before handing me over the keys and reclining back on his chair a bit exhausted.

I went down the stairs and headed outside, before seeing the car in question, standing next to it I saw its pearly black matte color, the spoiler in the trunk along with its bumpers with small canards to improve the aerodynamics... in the calender to the right side I could see the inscription "Soul series" this car was limited to 1.000 units and it was inspired by the legendary dark demon Arioch, this edition had been created exclusively to defeat the new Tesla 4 seater model M that threatened the other manufacturers

Without wasting time I opened the driver's door and headed straight to the city,during my short ride in the Mercedes I could hear the V8 roaring uncontrollably even though I was not pushing the accelerator very hard, I braked a couple of times and the car responded proportionally to my brake touches, I could not understand what the boss was saying. It happened if the car worked perfectly.

wrapped in the transit of my hometown I watched as those who drove by my side watched the C63 Soul series in both admiration and shock, I could say that hearing the furious roar of this car was something that intimidated anyone even if you had the Tesla Roadster, despite the furios 10k nm torque of the roadster the Soul series somehow managed to keep up with it until it came to high end acceleration, that was one of the things Mercedes Refused to disclose about the car.

Suddenly a sports bike roared a few centimeters away from my door and I heard a loud blow in my passenger mirror, scared by the possible damage I looked quickly over to the mirror and surprisingly it had no apparent damage, the motorcycle driver slammed the brakes forcing me to brake hard before flipping me off over making too much noise with a broken car. feeling angry at him I accelerated slightly after him but then the trotthle went hard all the way in. the furious 800 horses roared to life as the rear of the motorcycle went close, he tried to accelerate but he still couldn`t leave the car behind, in fear of rear ending him i slammed the brakes again making the tires squeal just short before hitting him, somehow the car managed to catch up to that motorcycle in just 6 meters.

Believing himself victorious thinking I only tried to scare him he looked behind himself and flipped me off once again looking at the C63 AMG, I ignored him Braking on the red traffic light but before I tought it was over My eyes went wide as he jumped the red light and looked one last time at me, but then he saw the 18 wheeler in front of him, The front of his motorcycle got crushed by the trailer and shortly after he was the one crushed by it, gasping in shock I quickly dialed the emergency services before I heard a blank noise against the asphalt, The helmet with his head still Inside rolled a few meters on the asphalt that was now slightly dyed red with his blood, the other part of his body was turned into mush scattered all over the rear wheels of the 18 wheeler.

I could feel cold on my body while I looked down trying to calm down and convince myself that it was his fault and not mine, after a few hours explaining what had happened to the authorities and giving my contact information just in case, I went back to the workshop to get my hands on work, after all the problem would be just a slightly off-set throttle butterfly along some air on the brake circuit.


the days passed while I was checking the car from top to bottom, the AR-6578 engine was in perfect working order, almost like out of the factory, not even the brakes showed symptoms of being in poor condition or defective.

the failures that my boss mentioned did not happen anymore for some strange reason, I even bothered to connect the diagnosis machine to the car's control unit and there was not a single error code, the only thing I can say is that every time I sat down in the driver's seat I could feel as if my body was colder, I could feel how lighter it was but every time I got angry while driving and put my hand on the gear knob I felt as if my body was suddenly warm and my strength increased,for some reason it made me stronger if I was in contact with the car, I closed the hood of the Mercedes and looked at it carefully, it was clear that I liked this car but would not be able to afford such an expensive car in life. But at least I would have a great memory to tell my friends about, somehow I could feel the car had something else than a Powerful V8 within It, no car on the world was like this one.

I caressed the front of the car letting my hand slip over the Mercedes logo before touching the emblem of "Soul edition" I looked behind me to notice that cold again, suddenly I heard the engine of the Mercedes firing up just like that as the headlights turned on.

"what?!" I said to myself while the car iddled in front of me, thinking it was just an electronic failure of the key (which allowed to turn it on at a distance) I stepped to my side a little scared but suddenly the engine roared as if I was trying to warn me to stay still, paralyzed by fear, I saw the emblem of "Soul edition" turning red, just like the blood of that motorcyclist who was crushed by that truck a month ago.

"So it was not a mechanical failure ... is it alive ?!" I thought with my heart hitting my chest hard. I realized that the name of Arioch was that of the demon of revenge.

remembering the name of the edition of the car and the name of the demon on which It was inspired I took a few steps back without thinking twice, Arioch the demon who possesed the car wanted my soul in exchange for avenging the fury, I had shown the last month while driving him, the Mercedes slowly advanced towards me determined to collect it`s price.

then I quickly turned to the right and ran through the shop, the Mercedes V8 engine roared fiercely behind me before it noticed i had dodged him then the mercedes locked the brakes trying to follow me before understeering right against an elevator, Looking behind me, I saw the Mercedes reverse making the wheels squeal against the floor of the workshop before facing me once again.

Running through the employee door I left the shop with hope that the strong front garage door would trap the car inside but it just plowed trough the door with ease as if it was made of paper maché making my body shudder as I knew nothing would stop it.

bouncing into the street the car went to a halt screeching the four tires on the sidewalk before knocking over a trash can, The mercedes backed away and pointed at me his headlights again like it was taunting me... without thinking twice I ran to the parking lot in the direction to my car to try and make a quick getaway, and even if I couldn`t leave it behind I would be safe inside my Tanky car.

hearing the furious Mercedes V8 Turbo on my back I jumped to the left narrowly dodging the car`s front just in time only to see how my car was crushed against the wall as if it were a can as the Mercedes smashed against its side, shortly after the Mercedes hit it the gas that dripped from my car ignited and exploded. I watched as the possesed mercedes was inert against my Destroyed Volvo and full of hope that explosion had been enough to destroy it

breathing in relief I looked for my phone in my pants before hearing how the engine of the "Soul series" ignited again, covered in flames, the Mercedes slowly backed away from my car. and halted pointing at me again with it`s powerful headlights.

I had no escape, the demon inside the car was going to charge its price no matter what happened, paralyzed in fear I heard the V8 engine roaring making the wheels screech against the asphalt before its front part approached me at full speed.

The last thing I heard was my body banging against its front covered in flames, the demon inside had charged its price.

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