Mercedes Concept x-Class is the new cool kid on the block

never has there been a mid-sized pick-up this frigid.

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In the world of motoring there aren’t too many shockers that come about to the fore and so you can almost imagine the shock we got when we learnt that one of Deutschland’s most prolific luxury marque decided to go fairly far left field of its usual comfort zone and from it even forged new partnerships in what could be a very profitable venture for the company.

Speaking of profitable, Mercedes must've had a good long look at the sheer amount of people buying pick-up trucks and must’ve figured upon themselves that it would be a sector of the market that would make sense investing in. After all, if one was to dissect the entirety of the Mercedes family tree, you would be stunned to learn the sheer magnitude and diversity of their manufacturing capabilities apart from their sizable car division obviously, but sadly that remains a topic for yet another time.

But as the more astute reader in the audience would have garnered, research and development into something as big and overall as building a pick-up truck from scratch is quite a fair undertaking. So it would make huge amounts of sense than, the Germans would have thought to have themselves abit of a Joint-Venture. But with whom one might ask. Mitsubishi, makers of the Triton; Isuzu, makers of the D-Max or even the daddy of them all – Toyota with the Hilux.

Stylish Explorer Variant

Stylish Explorer Variant

There are a multitude more that could've made the list but it would be rather interesting to note that the Germans, actually struck up a bit of deal with the Nissan-Renault Alliance who in turn are builders of the wildly successful Navara NP300 (Frontier in some markets) model. Evidence to support this claim lie with the spy shots taken of what seemed to be an ordinary Navara running around without badges save for some minor alterations such as beaten out wheel arches that would hint toward something bigger than just a re-badged affair.

But therein lies yet another issue. Most, pick-up trucks really do live up to the meaning of utilitarian transport and for most they are reliable work horses that, pardon my French – get's shit done. But the blokes over in Stuttgart figure that most urbanite customers that would get these trucks would almost never take them off road and at best would only benefit from it because of the flat bed out back. The X-Class is way too pretty for shifts at the salt mine.

Powerful Adventurer Variant

Powerful Adventurer Variant

Just as Land Rover summates that their cars were way too rugged for use around towns and that their customers always yearned for more comfort and luxuries coupled up with its go-anywhere-attitude, and thus the Range Rover was born. In similar respects, Mercedes is gunning to build the first ever luxury truck of the segment it lives in. It gets better than that, for the Three-Pointed Star is slated to make a couple variants of the newly christened X-Class.

One version would be geared toward the tarmac persuasion and is aptly called the Stylish Explorer while the more rugged variant with the go-anywhere-attitude and massively flared wheel arches is, not surprisingly - Powerful Adventurer. Obviously when it comes time to deliver these beings into fruition, Mercedes would've renamed them to something a little less Dolce & Gabbana as opposed to their current styling-room labels.

Speaking of styling, it wouldn’t be too much a stretch to say these variants are probably some of the best looking mid-sized trucks to hit the market, however we’re not thick enough to accept that this is what the production model would look like. But - if it were, hot damn!

These things are the epitome of cool rugged desire. Even the headlamps look like it could have been culled straight out of the brand’s flagship battle cruiser, the AMG-GT. The design language that’s happening upfront conjures up an image of strength and brute force, especially the Adventurer model. While the Explorer looks way more at home on streets of Hollywood, Knightsbridge and Abu Dhabi. Mercedes have made for themselves a pair of ultra-hip Yeezy sneakers that would make anyone under the age of 30 drool uncontrollably.

There are a couple of contradictory reports that the company will not be going the conventional route and kitting this all-new segment with the AMG treatment (we pray they are wrong) but as for that, we can only say like all other things – only time will tell. Stay tuned for more updates.

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