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Mercedes confirms the V12 engine on the future S-Class

The V12 will be back on the brand's flagship!

1y ago

The V12 engine is now a dinosaur in the automotive world. Indeed, it is often replaced by V8s that are certainly more efficient but less prestigious. Some manufacturers are resisting to keep this engine at all costs. Mercedes is one of these manufacturers by confirming the V12 on the next S-Class.

This crispy information for fans of the star brand comes from an interview with Mercedes CEO Ola Källenius at the Guangzhou Motor Show 2019. Some feared the cancellation of the V12 since the introduction of the GLS 600 equipped, despite the name 600, with a V8 and not a large V12.

Källenius gave some explanations about this bizarre situation. In his opinion, the V8 was amply suited to the Maybach GLS 600. The V12 was clearly not in the initial projects. A smaller version with an in-line six would even be on the agenda for the Maybach GLS.

For the V12 version of the future S-Class, details will be announced next year, when the new version of the limousine will be revealed. This V12 engine will probably be used on the S600 or the S650 version of the S-Class. It will obviously be heavily updated to meet future emission standards.

Photo credits Mercedes

Photo credits Mercedes

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