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M​ercedes debuts an AMG roof box, offering practicality and aerodynamics

I​t even has it's own rear diffuser

37w ago

​Mercedes-Benz is widely known for manufacturing some of the best performance cars the world has seen. They also make more practical cars like the AMG GT four door or E63S AMG Estate. But some of these cars only have limited trunk space. Previously there was nothing you could do about it without having to buy a bigger car, or an aftermarket roof box.

No longer do Mercedes owners longing for more on-the-go storage have to painfully search the Internet to find a roof box that is meant only for a certain year of a certain model of a certain Benz. Mercedes has recently unveiled a highly aerodynamic, and practical roof box. Boring? Not if you are seeking to maintain the handling and aerodynamics you paid for when you bought your Benz. How do they accomplish this, you may ask? Well, the AMG roof box has a diffuser engineered to glide through the air as effortlessly as possible, according to Mercedes. But wait, it gets better. It has a gorgeous grey paint job, AMG badging exclusively for this roof box, and a mean looking rear fin. As for practicality, it can hold up to ~108 gallons, and has a payload of over 150 pounds.

T​his Mercedes-AMG roof box comes in two versions, Mercedes said. The first is designed for all Mercedes models and the other specifically for Mercedes coupé models. Why two? According to MBZ, "the subtle difference lies in the shape of the diffuser, which has been aerodynamically adapted to the... coupé bodies". There is no word on pricing yet, but we'll find out sooner or later by the time it is available for purchase in November.

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Comments (10)

  • Im sorry but that looks stupid. Id just buy an estate car if I needed extra room 😎

      8 months ago
  • Don't worry. Buy an AMG convertible and in the literal sense, the sky is the limit. No need for a roof box.

      8 months ago
  • I want an independent fluid dynamics expert to explain how the "diffuser" affect the aerodynamics. Wouldn't it just created a low pressure zone on top of the car and lift the rear a bit? It's probably negligible but who knows.

      8 months ago
    • It could. I think the air is supposed to travel under the roof box and the diffuser is supposed to channel air to to the rear (duh) of the car. The sloping roofs of most Mercs should do the rest when it comes to aero.

        8 months ago
  • All I'm gonna say is that instead of a roofbox they could've built an estate so therefore this sucks... I want more estate cars!!

      8 months ago
    • They already gave the C Class estate and E Class estate. But the trunks aren’t too big on those.

        8 months ago
    • Looks similar to my CLS in 2013.

        8 months ago