Mercedes' E63 AMG Wagon can be tuned to have Brabus-beating 1017hp

R​ace-ready with babies in the back?

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Usually, insane power upgrades and louder exhausts on a Mercedes AMG points to one name - Brabus. However, hardcore Benz enthusiasts would also be aware of Renntech, another tuner specialising in Mercedes’ since the 90s. And if decimating your Brabus-owning peers is your life’s next mission, Renntech is where you step foot.

The Floria-based aftermarket supplier offers a performance package called the R3 that converts your average Mercedes family wagon to a hypercar-rivalling estate. Available for Mercedes 213 E63 AMG (2019 model and onwards), the package installs a host of new parts to the wagon. The most impactful? A bigger Twin-Scroll Turbocharger.

It’s a Renntech custom setup with larger-than-stock propellers and lightweight components. These elements get precision CNC machined and flow tested in-house to retain the standard turbo lag and not extend. More than the resulting power spike, Renntech boasts about the bigger spread in power curve between 5,500rpm and 7,000rpm that allows users to rev the car harder and longer. Plus, these bigger custom turbos can fit within the stock turbo location while being compatible with OEM-spec oil and cooling lines.

Adding to this are some upgrades to the ECU and fitment of custom air filters, stainless steel downpipes, custom blow-off valve adapters and an upgraded CPC (computer powertrain control). This package also requires a full fueling system upgrade, allowing the car to be filled with higher octane fuel.

The summation of all upgrades results in an eye-watering power output of 1017hp and 873 lb-ft torques if juiced up with 100 Octane fuel. Or the wagon usually puts out 965hp and 817 lb-ft torques on regular 93 octane fuel, making it capable enough to beat most supercars while running basic errands and school runs.

The R3 is the latest performance package upgrade offered by Renntech. Enthusiasts with more sane power needs can opt for the R1 (611hp) or even the R2 (709hp). Though one can never shy away from the greed for power, the prices for the R3 might force you to. $29,380 before tax is an expensive proposition even for a wagon with a $112,450 base price, but it indeed grants you unbelievable smugness hiding under your right foot. And one can’t put a price on that, right?

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  • Hope they also make the leather sick-proof. Children in the back's sick in particular...

      1 month ago
  • If you are married to a Karen, yet have an ounce of life in you...

      1 month ago
  • Beyond ridiculous.

      1 month ago
  • So, as long as its below 3700 rpm it's a downgrade (with a loss of up to around 130 lbs-ft over the stock car).

      1 month ago

    I doubt parents will be able to control it

      1 month ago