M​ercedes Eliminates Turbo Lag

B​ye-bye turbo lag.

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Mercedes and Garrett have partnered up to eliminate turbo lag. They have created a turbocharger that, along with a 48-volt electrical system, has no turbo lag.

Mercedes said that the system would be "connected to the combustion engine's cooling circuit to create an optimized temperature environment at all times."

Turbochargers use the energy of exhaust gases to power a turbine that compresses air and shoots it into an internal combustion engine (ICE). However, turbos do take time to spool up, especially larger ones.

Mercedes' new turbocharger will be able to maintain the boost even under braking. "The electric turbocharger is able to maintain boost pressure at all times, so that a continuous and direct response is assured," said Mercedes in the press release.

Garrett has been manufacturing turbochargers since 1954 and has been investing in electric systems for some time now. They have been using electric motors to power the turbine that compresses the air.

This tech was initially supposed to be used in the One, which is Mercedes' new F1-powered supercar, but they have decided to begin fitting these to the next generation of cars.

Mercedes, however, made it clear that the future of the company is still electric and is still determined to make its entire lineup powered by a motor, rather than an internal combustion engine.

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Comments (5)

  • Lancia did turbo lag reduction before everyone else as the group B rally cars had a supercharger and turbo set up. The supercharger backed up the turbo spool up.

      12 days ago
    • But the downside is that the supercharger needs to be connected to the engine, while this one is powered by another electric motor.

        11 days ago
  • just had SQ7 with 80000 km and electric compressor is kaput - 4000 € this is one unit so I presume it will last half and cost double :)

      12 days ago
  • so its like a centrifugal supercharger

      11 days ago
  • That's basically introducing the principle of supercharger onto the turbo, which is not quite ingenius but very effective. And it doesn't cost any raw power from the engine like a conventional supercharger.

    All in all, great

      11 days ago