Mercedes EQS spotted testing on the Nurburgring

The hotly-anticipated EV has been spotted testing on the iconic racetrack, and the photos look promising...

Like many mainstream car manufacturers, Mercedes is shifting its focus more on the development of electrical vehicles, and their latest effort - known as EQS - has been spotted testing on James May's most favourite place in the whole wide world. Luckily, Lewis Hamilton has stated that it's his 'new dream car', so I don't think it will be completely ruined.

The most unique thing about the car is that unlike many electric cars developed by mainstream manufacturers, the EQS will not be sharing a platform with another vehicle like its fellow brother EQC - an electric version of the GLC - but it will instead have its own platform.

When looking at the pictures, it's possible to notice that Mercedes have decided to disregard the luxury sedan design that many people saw on the internet, instead opting for the car to have a liftback design similar to that of a Tesla Model S (which is somehow still with us).

What are some of the specs? Well, the car will be powered by two electric motors that will collectively produce 469bhp, it will do 0-60 in 4.5sec, and it will have a range of 435 miles. Overall, pretty exciting stuff.

However, Mercedes will have to face some competition, which includes the upcoming electric Jaguar XJ as well as the continued armada of Teslas. However, being the Goliath of a company that never seems to lose to the David-sized corporations from UK or USA, it's highly likely that ESQ will annihilate the competition with ease.

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