Who was in the right the mighty MERCEDES Benz or hamilton

    Well the Formula 1 championship is over and if you are a fan of Mercedes your feelings will be very different depending on which side of the garage you sit. It was a gripping race and let us not forget the amazing comeback by max verstappen after spinning on the 1st lap and Sebastian Vettel’s amazing pace at the end of the race after going on to the soft tyre. So the 2 questions we have to ask are should Hamilton of followed his teams instructions and the 2nd is should the team of issued these instructions. Hamilton’s tactics almost paid off trying to get Nico Rosberg In to the path of Vettel and Max Verstappen but the skill of driving at 80% and keeping Rosberg just out of DRS range lap after lap. So what does everyone feel, who was in the right and should Mercedes of given instructions

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    • Well its the right to fight for the title. The drivers are no robots that have no desire - they should do things like this more often. Remember what Schumacher did in Monaco - thats proper sport!

        3 years ago
    • I'm not sure where I stand, should Hamilton of done what the team asked him to do regardless so he was in the wrong but Mercedes should not have given the order. We don't know all the facts and never will. Passion and adrenaline was high so maybe things will change in the coming days

        3 years ago


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