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Mercedes F1 team partners with Team INEOS' cycling and sailing outfits

The German team has joined hands with a sailing and a cycling outfit.

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Mercedes F1 Team announced a partnership with cycling and sailing outfits Team INEOS as they see three core benefits with the deal.

In an unique deal, the six-time F1 champion, Mercedes, has teamed up with seven-time Tour de France (cycling) winner, Team INEOS and sailing outfit INEOS Team UK, where they see three core benefits from the partnership.

They state it as:

-A shared belief that no limits should be placed on what is possible in performance.

-A a desire for the technical excellence and winning cultural attributes of each team to be shared for the benefit of the three partners.

-A belief that the best technical support enables great athletes to create the greatest racing moments.

Mercedes wish to 'develop and implement innovations in engineering, human science, simulation and data analysis, leveraging the human and technological capability' with the partnership, by using expertise of each team and combining them for common benefit.

The German outfit also revealed a new division called Mercedes-Benz Applied Science (MBAS), which was formed in March 2019 where they leverage the best of aerospace and motorsport technologies for performance in land, sea and air.

It noted that MBAS has already been working with INEOS TEAM UK since August 2019, where 18 engineers are working on a special project as they are preparing a sailing boat to compete in 'Formula One on water' in Auckland, New Zealand in 2021.

"Tapping into the unrivalled expertise and success of the Mercedes Formula One team to support our sporting ambitions across sailing and cycling is an exciting proposition for us," said Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Founder and Chairman of INEOS.

"As with cycling and sailing, F1 is a sport that successfully blends human and machine performance, so we are in a strong position to learn from each other. Collaboration and innovation is a key part of success across our sports teams, which is strengthened by this partnership with Mercedes."

At the same time, Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff stated: "The technological demands of Formula 1 mean we are well-placed to support with advanced technical challenges in specific areas of sailing and cycling, with a particular focus on aerodynamics and the manufacturing capability around key components."

"When Sir Jim Ratcliffe approached us with the concept of bringing together the three organisations, all with proven track records of excellence and high ambitions for the future, we immediately saw the opportunity to grow and diversify our business – and to learn from some of the most successful teams in world sport.

"We are very excited about this agreement’s potential in the months and years ahead." There are multiple projects already underway, both with the cycling as well as the sailing outfits which is designed to help all the three teams in the longer run.

[Image courtesy: Mercedes] [Note: This story was also written by me on FormulaRapida.net]

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