Mercedes is already leaving Formula E: is it the right decision?

After just three seasons

Mercedes-EQ have just announced the team will be leaving Formula E at the end of Season 8 (2022). Audi and BMW will also leave, and all three teams have essentially said they're leaving because for better or worse, taking part in Formula E served its purpose in terms of R&D and there's no point staying.

It should be noted that the upcoming 8th season will be the last championship with the Gen 2 cars, which will be replaced by Gen 3 cars in 2023, which means all the teams that are staying will have to devote resources and time to develop the new cars.

Mercedes unofficially entered Formula E in Season 5 with HWA but they only officially began competing in Formula in Season 6, during which they've won a race (with Stoffel Vandoorne in Berlin) and ended 3rd in the constructors' championship. This year (Season 7), they've won both the drivers' championship with Nyck De Vries as well as the constructors' championship.

They came, they saw, they won, they left.

Is this the right decision?

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  • Formula E is not broadcast on a popular TV network. Since I cannot watch it, I have no interest in it. That's a shame, because Formula E used to race close enough to where I live (San Diego) that I went to the Formula E race in Long Beach (California) both years.

      1 month ago
    • F1 fans constantly complain about F1 being boring because "it's always the same driver that wins" and "the car does all the job for them", and yet they don't really care about Formula E, where

      -constructors are bound by much stricter...

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        1 month ago
    • Alessandro,

      When I covered Formula E (the demonstration of a prototype Formula E car at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas; two Long Beach, CA ePrixs; and a race in Paris, France). I especially liked the fact that the cars were not...

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        1 month ago
  • Mercedes is already leaving Formula E: is it the right decision? @tribe

      1 month ago
  • It is ... right now. The pandemic has money tight. They want to spend it elsewhere as there isn't a return on e-racing just yet. It's still a nascent sport. I would imagine, if we don't go extinct, in a few years they will make a return in a big way.

      1 month ago
  • Motor racing is advertising. It shows how technologically superior a manufacturer is. Mercedes cannot compete with EV technology as it's actually rather simple in principle and so efficient that one is constrained by physics, not tech that had at least 60% headroom as far as efficiency goes in ICE/hybrid vehicles. Everyone is chasing a tiny margin of improvement, most of which is not under the control of the manufacturer, like tyres and batteries. Expect other serious EV manufacturers to follow suit, with only independents and EV denyers (like Honda and Toyota) keeping an oar in the game. It only makes economic sense. With performance now available to us all, the days of the hyper-car are largely over. They have an insufficient edge to justify their cost. Enter the day of the new-luxury car, where added luxury is the new performance. This is familiar Mercedes territory.

      27 days ago
  • Interesting that Mercedes are leaving Formula E. FE is growing which is nice to see, but perhaps Mercedes aren't prepared to invest in future cars in a motorsport that hasn't taken off yet (though its growth is good to see).

      1 month ago