Mercedes is offering nothing, and we're confused

Maybe they should have thought that one through a little better...

Mercedes-Benz Australia has come up with a new promotional offer, and it has us quite confused.

Aimed at providing a limited service where Mercedes-Benz Financial covers up to 3 months or a value of $4,500 on a new car, the brand gives customers a hassle free purchase opportunity for a new Mercedes-Benz.

The offer, labelled 'enjoy nothing' and 'the best is nothing' has us a little puzzled.

As you may know, Mercedes-Benz's slogan has always been 'the best or nothing', so we we can't help but question the paradox.

The age-old slogan 'the best or nothing' implies that their cars are 'the best', which further suggests that nothing of lower quality is acceptable - however the new campaign seemingly contradicts this by asking customers to 'enjoy nothing', even specifically tell people to 'enjoy nothing at your Mercedes-Benz retailer today'.

Is the best now nothing?

Is Mercedes saying that their cars are nothing? If so, what's the best?

Perhaps the best is nothing - but in that case, your choice is either nothing or nothing, unless something else is the best...

Also, is there nothing at the local Mercedes-Benz retailer?

And are customers prompted to walk into their local retailer for nothing?

Wait, we're even more confused now.


Mercedes Australia states that the offer only applies to a new or demo A-class sedan, CLA, C-class, CLS or E-Class. Offer ends September 30th.

Want to see it for yourself?

Click here to see the offer on the Mercedes-Benz website.

- AutoNews Australia

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Comments (19)

  • Well... they've got us talking about it so they did something right. 😅

      17 days ago
  • Guess not having a Mercedes-Benz, means at the same time I do? 😅🤣

      17 days ago
  • Ok so yes i am rather confused

      15 days ago
  • Probably means enjoy nothing but the best - a Mercedes

      17 days ago
  • Doesn’t that technically imply that they aren’t the best? Or does it? If they are advertising ‘nothing’ does that mean they aren’t advertising Mercedes’? Or are they advertising themselves but implying they aren’t the best? If they are, why don’t they get a new slogan? I’m lost, and you probably are too after reading this comment.

      17 days ago