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Mercedes is producing classic car parts with 3D printing

3D printed parts are starting to become more and more useful. The farming and marine industries are just a few that benefit from it. In the motoring world, even Porsche has been in on the action with 3D printed classic car parts for their vehicles.

Now Mercedes, with the help of the Daimler Research Group, has taken a bite out of it. Thanks to 3D printed classic car parts it will help produce straightforward from CAD models without the requirement for the task particular toolset.


This latest attempt is called “Future meets classic” where Mercedes-Benz and Daimler shall create 3D printed parts for the 300 SL Coupe, two executive, SL Roadster and two extravagance class models.

All the classic car parts won't only be 3D printed, but will also up to safety road standards such as the mirror base in the 300 SL, which will be 107.5 mm – 42.5 mm longer than what the original one had.

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  • So do we

    12 days ago
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  • Do you think they'll ever make more parts for the w126 platform as I have a 1987 300 sdl and they haven't made many of the parts I need for it

    12 days ago
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