Mercedes is working on AMG GT Black Series

Mercedes has officially confirmed that they're working on the Black Series version of the AMG GT. All the details, right here...

2y ago

With the recent introduction of the GT R Pro version of Mercedes’ premier AMG sports car, there were a number of people who dared to insinuate that it was sitting in the place of the legendary Black Series maniacs. Thankfully however, we can now officially put those voices of doubt to bed.

The news comes directly from AMG boss Tobias Moers, who in an interview with Road & Track at the LA Auto Show hinted that the Black Series is indeed in the works. After first outlining that the Pro is “not the new Black Series”, Road & Track were kind enough to ask him if such a car was currently in the works. His answer: a simple, yet beautifully exciting “yep”.

Continuing to add fuel to the fire of intrigue, Moers then stated that we’ll see the Black Series commence Nurburgring tests next summer. And if that wasn’t enough, he also left no doubt as to identifying the top-of-the-tree GT, saying “you can easily recognise it”. Yes, I’m shaking a little bit too!

The coming of a Black Series shouldn’t be much of a surprise to those with a good long term memory. Back when the AMG GT was first introduced, Mercedes - having just used the SLS Black Series to sew the black-magic into the fabric of people’s DNA - confirmed that the Black Series treatment would one day befall the little GT, but that day wouldn’t come until the car was at the end of its life.

So, with the GT Black Series expected to arrive in late 2020, we not only can estimate when the top-tier GT will arrive, but also when the GT’s life will come to a close. With the GT being a direct rival to the Porsche 911 - and each version of the GT being aimed at one of the 911’s many variants - we may be able to form some predictions over what we can expect from the Black Series.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment with the GT R Pro was that it didn’t increase its power output any further over the standard GT R’s 577bhp. With the car’s 4L Twin-Turbo V8 capable of developing quite a lot more - which it does in the 630bhp GT 63 S - the Black Series simply must turn up the wick beyond the GT R.

With it being the pinnacle of the AMG GT, we can presume that it will be targeting the fastest 911 Porsche make - the GT2 RS. If so, the AMG GT Black Series will have to produce at least 700bhp to remain competitive - a figure which some publications are reporting.

Now however, I want to ask you guys: what are your predictions for the AMG GT Black Series? And also, are you excited to hear it’s in development? Let me know in the comments.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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Comments (4)

  • Mercedes please, i was joking.

      2 years ago
  • Is this the one to have 600hp? I know it's coming, but I've had enough of ultimate GTs teasers that are not as ultimate as E63s

      2 years ago
    • According to some publications, it'll produce nearer 700 horsepower 😉

        2 years ago
  • It will not be,but I'm dreamin' it with the M159 under the bonnet...

      2 years ago