Mercedes' smallest baby has practiced hard for the exams. Bullies, be aware!

With 525 hp, all waiting to be disbursed, you know who is its trainer.

7w ago

Pocket hot hatches have, in a whiff found a massive set of buyers replete with verve in their nerves to frequently test these pint-sized rocketships to dart into the space from a racetrack. These are more affordable than their bigger brethren, offer enough thrill for even the most fastidious folks and bring in the practicality thanks to their 4-door layout.

There are so many options in the market such as the VW Golf R, Renault Megane RS Trophy-R and the Mini Cooper JCW that it turns out to become an ordeal deciding the right one for you. However, keep sticking on this piece as this beast could just be the car of your choice.

Germany's legendary car modifier, Posaidon is known to upgrade every car it works upon to the highest potential that these tiny slaves can eke out. In an attempt to showcase his modifying prowess, he has now laid his deft hands on the Mercedes-AMG A45 S hatch which is a 415 hp powerhouse further emboldened by the stonking 500 Nm of torque to deliver manic performance right from 'get-go.' What if I tell you this modification heralds with it the coming of 525 hp and 600 Nm of torque? These figures will be channeled through a four-wheel drive layout to burn the rubber just that wee bit less mercilessly. Floor the pedal and you would find yourself pinned tight against the seat doing a top whack of 201 mph (324 Km/h) which is extremely rapid for any performance machine. Nought to sixty sprint comes up in a scalding 3.4 seconds exhibiting a fantastic cacophony depriving the adgjacent community of its sleep.

With that out of the way, it also gets mechanical overhauls in the form of a tracktool package comprising stiff suspension setup, enhanced brakes and a taut chassis leading to a more nimble ride and handling feedback. What assists is a rollcage in place of the rear bench to exude a rally-car like character. The front seats also get racing harnesses, adjustable coilovers for the corners and 14.25-inch brakes with steel-flex lines for reassuring stopping power.

Combine the looks, power and abundance of electronic trickery, I think this could very well be the hottest deal before next year dawns with a refulgence of more powerful, more insane and more thrilling hot-hatches.

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  • So..........I'm not trying to be THAT no one going to say anything about the "Fake Taxi" decal????????

      1 month ago
  • They recycled the rear seats for the lounge? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1 month ago
  • I would be ashamed to put that Fake Taxi sticker on this car, and call myself a popular AMG Tuner... :(

      1 month ago
  • Anyone????

      1 month ago