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Mercedes teams up with Nvidia for autonomous driving

Updates will be done remotely

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The future of the automobile will inevitably be associated with autonomous driving. As a result, many manufacturers are paving the way to get ahead of their competitors. In order not to be left behind, Mercedes has decided to team up with Nvidia to develop its autonomous driving system.

In particular, the company presented the Drive AGX Orin, a chip equipped with 17 billion transistors that can perform up to 200 billion operations per second! Mercedes plans to install this chip on its vehicles as early as 2024 to compete with Tesla's Autopilot and Cadillac's Super Cruise.

The Drive AGX Orin is also capable of evaluating the driver's attention by controlling the frequency of blinking eyes and head movements. If the level of inattention or fatigue is reached, a visual or audible signal is sent to the driver depending on the situation.

Moreover, Nvidia's system will allow remote updates to be made, as is the case with Tesla. Artificial intelligence will thus be able to constantly learn and improve over time. It remains to be seen whether the system will really be ready in four years because the competition will have time to improve as well.

Photo credits Mercedes

Photo credits Mercedes

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  • Rtx on rtz of

      6 days ago
  • Online updates?

    Yeah that works "perfect" there is never any problem


      7 days ago
  • Yeeees... by 2024, so in fact they have precisely nothing at all at the moment. I'm only guessing, but I'd probably not be far from the truth in suggesting that the 10+ years of data acquisition, AI development, in-house designed processors and development by Tesla will have brought us full self-driving autonomous motoring by then. Of course I could be mistaken and these two might just confound us all and find a novel way of skipping all that boring research and jump straight to the answer. Wouldn't THAT be nice!

      7 days ago
  • Oh cool i hope that i also can play videogames in a Mercedes

      7 days ago