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Mercedes unveils the impressive MBUX Hyperscreen of the future EQS

A futuristic dashboard full of screens

2w ago

As the flagship of the Mercedes lineup, the S-Class had the mission of offering exclusive technologies that would shape the future of the brand for the coming years. This time is now over, as the manufacturer will soon be presenting the EQS, which is none other than the S-Class' electric sibling.

To keep us waiting, the brand is unveiling the vehicle little by little, as it did for the S-Class. Thus, it is the dashboard, composed of the new MBUX Hyperscreen, which starts the party. To say that the whole thing is impressive is euphemistic, as it all seems to come directly from a concept car, whereas it is indeed a series-production component.

By its size, the system pushes the limits of the believable since its slab extends over a width of 1.41 m! The whole will consist of three screens with OLED technology that are remarkably integrated behind three slightly curved layers of glass to avoid reflections.

The EQS' silhouette - Photo credits Mercedes

The EQS' silhouette - Photo credits Mercedes

The last layer of glass is made of aluminium silicate, which makes it highly scratch-resistant. This huge panel will also be fitted with a dozen haptic switches allowing feedback as if pressing real buttons, which is practical while driving.

The MBUX Hyperscreen of course includes artificial intelligence with 8 cores, 24 GB RAM and a bandwidth of 46.4 GB per second. It will learn the tastes and preferences of the vehicle's occupants by, for example, suggesting a specific massage programme or a particular style of music before they even ask for it.

The third screen on the passenger side automatically turns into a decorative element when the passenger is absent. Finally, there are the turbine-styled aerators inserted directly into the glass. This dashboard is simply unbelievable and makes the competition, and even the freshly introduced S-Class, look a lot older.

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  • 5 minutes after its initial use:

      20 days ago
  • I love it. What I don’t love would be the price if it needed replacing!!

      18 days ago
  • That will not age well

      19 days ago
  • Imagine cracking the display

      20 days ago
  • Does it run Crysis? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      20 days ago