Mercedes—AMG boss says the V8 engine is here to stay

At least for the next 10 years

A few years ago, Daimler created four sub-brands to market different Mercedes-branded vehicles in four separate segments and Mercedes-EQ was the one they were going to use for electric cars.

But that was then and this is now, and with the updated Euro 7 emission standards and the petrol ban in 2035, all four (AMG, Mercedes, EQ and Maybach) will realistically build EVs only. They’ve actually already started, just last month, with the first Maybach EV - the EQS SUV.

There’s good news, too. In an interview with US car magazine Road & Track, AMG boss Philipp Schiemer said the company will continue to use the V8 for (at least) ten more years. That’s essentially the whole reason why they’ve created (yet another) sub-brand, E Performance.

Mercedes-AMG currently uses the twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 for a variety of different cars, including AMG’s flagship vehicle - the GT 63 S E Performance.

"I think there will be a future, yes. I think for the next ten years we will see V8s, for sure,” said Schiemer. “We have a lot of customers who love their cars and I still think that we will see those people buying the cars for a long time. We have really a very high demand all over the world."

The V8 in the GT 63 S E-Performance is designed to work in tandem with a rear-mounted electric motor for a combined power output of 831 hp and 1,033 lb-ft (1,400 Nm), which makes it the most powerful AMG engine ever, by the way, because the One hypercar isn’t ready yet.

We also have to come to terms with the fact that the ‘63’ nomenclature doesn’t mean much anymore. It once indicated the engine displacement - 6.3-litre - but most existing 63 models use a 4.0-litre engine and the next-gen GLC 63 and E 63 will likely be powered by an even smaller, heavily hybridized 4-cylinder engine.

More power, better emission and consumption figure but the engine note changes. And it’s only a matter of time before all high-performance cars go soundless. I like EVs, generally speaking, but when it comes to emotions, we need sound. I hope Mercedes does something about that.

Will we ever get used to soundless performance cars?

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  • The v8 should be put out to pasture

      20 days ago
    • Sometimes I wonder why you are even on this platform. It seems like you hate every aspect of car culture that isn't electric

        18 days ago
    • I like cars, I dont like the powertrain.

      I dont have to like every little part of "car culture" whatever next "anyone who doesnt like yellow cars isnt a real car nerd"

        16 days ago
  • Soooooo what happened to them saying they were gonna shove a 4-cylinder into the C63? Is that still happening?

      25 days ago
  • Mercedes-AMG boss says the V8 is there to stay @tribe

      25 days ago
  • Long live the V8 🔥🔥🔥

      24 days ago
  • I wonder if they could sell the V8 as a crate engine like Dodge do with their Mopar unit

      24 days ago