Merc’s Vision GT is Bruce Wayne’s car of choice in the upcoming Justice League

Every superhero deserves a supercar and according to me, this match is one made in the heavens: Batman and his gullwing Gran Turismo from Germany.

When he is not busy fighting crime through the night, Bruce Wayne will be commuting through the city of Gotham in his fanciness for an excuse for wheels; the Mercedes Benz, super-luxury, super-sporty, super-GT. Yes, you heard me right! The multi-billionaire bat has got himself some new cool wheels. Ironic isn’t it, the fictional character will be driving an equally fictional automobile for his upcoming DC comic movie, the Justice League.

Not quite sure how much to expect for the movie, bearing in mind that Ben Affleck is going to be playing the role of Batman, but one thing can be said for certain; that the car in question is one hell of a choice. A lot of cars coming to mind when you think of Batman’s Bruce-mobile, buts somehow I never realised the amazing match the Vision GT and Bruce’s character make.

This silver arrow was introduced to the world back in 2013, as a joint venture between the Japanese Gran Turismo game designer, Mr Kazunori Yamauchi and the Germans from Stuttgart. And although you can drive this car only in the video game, there is an interesting tangible twist giving to the Vision GT by adding it a blockbuster hit movie.

This mad-looking fictional GT was originally given two engines by Mercedes; a twin turbocharged V8 that creates 577bhp and an even madder twin turbocharged V8 by AMG that created exactly the same power. Confused? Yup, me too, and to top it off, the AMG version weighed more than the non-AMG Merc Version of the Vision GT, weird huh!!

Obvious a lot of tweaks have been made to the original design of the GT for the movie, especially when you have to fit a 6ft 3in tall batman into a low riding GT. Through the major changes have been limited to only the interiors of the car; like the racing seats, the futuristic virtual Dashboard and bling luxury features that float Bruce Wayne’s boat.

So while Batman gets the ludacris looking Mercedes Benz Vision Gran Turismo straight out of Kazunori Yamauchi’s game, Wonder Woman gets a rather unsettling Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet.

Well like I said earlier, every super hero deserves a super car, let know if you think there is a more deserving car for Bruce Wayne than the Vision GT in the comment section.

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Image Source: GTSprit

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  • -"What are your super-powers, again?"

    -"I'm rich."

    Personally, I'd love to acquire Bruce Wayne's super-power. This Merc is definitely his sort of car. Great article, mate. Thanks for sharing it on my tribe :)

      3 years ago