Merry Christmas and a safe new year!

29w ago


2018 was a great year! For me, it began with buying my first Volvo and in summer I started this tribe and I'm proud of this awesome community we have here, you're the best! ❀️

It was also a great year for Volvo. The awards seemingly won't stop coming in, especially for the XC60 and XC40.

We have seen the reveal of the V60 and later in the year the S60, the first Volvo ever that gets built in the US and a new era of electrified performance-Volvos began with the launch of the "Polestar Engineered" label.

Volvo have shown us that they do take autonomous driving really serious with concepts like the 360c, the Vera Concept that hasn't even got a cabin or the autonomous FH trucks in Norway.

For Volvo Cars 2018 was actually the best year ever in terms of sales. With 582,096 cars sold from January to November, they have set a new record. The volumes rose by 13.5 per cent compared with 513,055 cars in the same period of 2017.

I'm certain next year will be at least as good as this one and I'm very much looking forward to accompany Volvo on their way.

But for now, let's just have a very merry Christmas. πŸŽ…πŸΌ