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Merry Christmas, DriveTribe!

Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of our Savior!

Merry Christmas! That's right, tomorrow is Christmas day. I cannot believe that the year flew by so fast. COVID made everything so different, and yet, we can still be thankful for what God has given us. For instance, this holiday season. We get out dads off from work (or we get off from work, depending on who you are), and we get to be with family. As they say, you don't realize how much you appreciate something until it is taken away from you. Well, that's definitely what has happened for all of us this year, I think. 2020 really has been a bummer in a many ways, but I think I learned a lot. I actually needed something like this. As long as next year the COVID 'goes away', I thank God with all my heart. I know, I know, you don't make deals with God. ;-) Well, that's it. I'll stop blabbing, and offending those of you who would wish to believe you are offended by this kind of thing. So, Mery Christmas to you all! (Or Happy Holidays, if you prefer). God bless you and the new year!

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