- pictures are from http://mouseshouses.blogspot.de/2010/04/travelling-mouse.html

Merry Christmas from a certain mouse.

1y ago


T´was the night before Christmas, when all through the house

not a creature was stirring, except for a mouse.

She rang on my doorbell and - needless to say

she was pretty exhausted, had come a long way.


This cute little rodent, the brave refugee

had to give up her home in a British i3

So she packed up her suitcase and travelled thus far

To find a new place and new friends in my car.


The bunch of my own pets did welcome the mouse

Do not stay in the car, stay with us in the house!

A food bowl, a bookshelf a bed to arrange

From car mouse to house mouse, oh what a change.


Now she´s sitting under the lit Christmas tree

And enjoys a mighty chunk of cheese with glee

Then the little mouse finally turns off the light

And nestles all snug in her bed for the night.

Merry Christmas!!