Merry Christmas to all & to all, stay shineyβ˜ƒοΈπŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽ„

A christmas greeting to the cleanest tribe on the interthingy!

Good evening (or day) wherever you are in the world. The festive season is upon us & im sure it's time to get merry, wherever you are. I for one, am sat here now, sipping my mulled wine, eating a mince pie. While taking a look at the radio times, seeing what I can catch on the box this festive season! Though this sounds incredibly appealing (not being at work) & enjoying some much needed rest. I can not help but think of how filthy my car is outside. Now I'm not sure how the weather is where you guys & girls are. But, I have just made the 254 mile journey to Redruth (that's a tiny place, located the far end of Cornwall in the United Kingdom. For our continental tribe members) & all I can say, is it's like the end of the world! Pitch black, freezing cold, heavy rain & a cross wind that could pick your grandma up on her mobility scooter:) But seriously, it's not festive, not even the slightest. I mean the trees up, radio 1 is playing its Christmas music & there is many a family member rather merry. But where's the snow!? The crisp, clean air? The winter sunshine? I'm not sure, but I can tell you it's not here! But there is still hope! I have just check the weather & the sun is taking a short trip to the tiny rural town of Redruth tomorrow. I have been told by the Met, that it will be bringing clear sky's too. It's a Christmas miracle (or maybe just luck) Either way, it means I can finally do what I love & clean my car:)

Cars, especially in the U.K. this time of year. Tend to look like this rather nice (but filthy) Carrera GT. Ok don't get me wrong, I don't mean turn into a CGT (though that would be a Christmas miracle) But if you drive a maximum of 10 miles, I promise you, this would be you. There is a Benefit to this horror though. It means you get to use that new snow foam & shampoo you bought last week:) Now this could be deemed quite sad, but as this is the MOD tribe, I believe I can share this, without getting stoned by the fellow tribe members. This time tomorrow, my OCD will be curbed, the car will be clean & all tucked up in the garage. That is untill, I drive home on Christmas Eve (254 miles in the opposite direction) Where no doubt I will be back out there. Removing the winter grime, before settling down in front of the fire, waiting for St Nick.

So with 2016 coming to close, it's time to see what exciting things are on the horizon for MOD in 2017! The elves have been very busy planning & I believe they have done a fine job. To kick start, MOD will actually have a home. I mean, this is its internet home. But we will actually have a physical studio come March 2017. This will give a place we can film videos from, work on vehicles live & the ability to cover intensive detailing, paint protection film & vehicle wrapping. On top of this, we will be live from events such as Le Mans 24 hour, Festival of Speed, Salon Prive & Vmax 200. We may even come across the pond & join our US friends at Sema 2017. But only if we have been really good this coming year. There is so much awesome content coming your way, but it wouldn't be a surprise if we told you everything;)

I would also like to say hi to all the new members of the tribe, since our last blog. It's appreciated with the highest honour. Without you guys & girls, it's nothing & power comes in numbers. So keep supporting & we will keep posting & bringing content that you will all love & enjoy. With that, I can confirm the tribe is now open! This means you all have access to making your own posts & sharing your detailing work, your vehicle spotting, sharing knowledge & generally being awesome people. It doesn't matter how long you have been into detailing. We are all learning new information & techniques. So start sharing people, so we can all see your awesome content! Also let us know if Santa brings you any new detailing products or hardware this festive season. It's a lways nice to see if you have been good guys & girls:)

Feet Up, Relax, Be Merry, Get Festive, Enjoy Loved Ones, Its Christmas

Feet Up, Relax, Be Merry, Get Festive, Enjoy Loved Ones, Its Christmas

I thank you all for supporting the brand new platform & we all look forward to interacting & making this tribe huge in 2017. With that, we close 2016, with only one thing left to say "Merry Christmas To All & To All A Good Night!

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