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Mesut Ozil shows his Mercedes and sneaker collection

2y ago


Mesut Ozil and myself have two things in common. We both like cars and sneakers.

However whilst my collection is of a peasant, the Arsenal player's collection of both cars and sneakers is stuff of dreams. He takes Hypebeast around his London pad where the living room is dressed with marble and paintings hanging in the hallway showing his Turkish heritage.

Source: https://hypebeast.com/2017/9/mesut-ozil-arsenal-london-home-sneaker-collection-mercedes

Whilst I just have a console in my bedroom, he has an actual separate games room big enough to host a gaming tournament. But my favourite room has to be the room with his sneaker collection where sits everything from the latest Kanye's Yeezys to the rarest Pharralle's HMU's. Then comes his Mercedes collection where there is a Merc for each occasion. From a beastly G63 to an aggressive S63 as well as a subtle CLA. So without further ado check out Mesut Ozil giving a tour of his London house and collection below.

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