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The German ‘Auto, Motor und Sport’ got a hold of the uncensored radio messages that spiced up the end of the Mexican Grand Prix. All credit to them and their sources, I (bruznic) will merely translate their work, and perhaps give some opinion on it, as I like to give my opinion.

As we all know those radio messages were the talking point from Sunday up until a few days later. Certainly the ones Vettel made after his duel with both Verstappen and Ricciardo got him a lot of criticism from fans and colleagues. That he got of quite easy, according to some, had all to do with the fact that he felt he could react best by a quick and heartfelt apology. Charlie Whiting accepted it, but made clear he won’t be so forgiving next time.

Now, what we at the TJ13 community, have noticed in this last week is that there was a lot of difference between the providers of the race, in various countries, as to what message the public got to hear. Plus there is the fact that we don’t get to hear all that is said, FOM chooses what is worthy enough to bring to our ears. Apparently they’ve left quite a bit out this time. Some messages got dropped completely and others got chopped up. And last but not least, any word considered as ‘too dirty’ for the airwaves got substituted by a nice beep sound.

AMuS got a hold of the messages from Sebastian Vettel, to and from the Ferrari pit wall, and the ones from both Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo, to and from the Red Bull Racing pit wall. Through this they discovered some new imputs, or at least some of them which weren’t aired on Sunday. As we have noticed ourselves, a lot of feeds got the message from the Red Bull engineer to Verstappen that Max (probably) will have to give his place up to Vettel, after going of the track and subsequently cutting T1. Not aired in many countries was the message that quickly followed the first one, how they advised Max to hold his position since there was an ongoing investigation. –It seems the feed that did get that message, coincidentally, was the one live in the land with the most Max Verstappen fans.

Vettel on the other hand got the wrong message (twice) by Ferrari stating that Verstappen was ordered to move over. So out of the Ferrari cockpit it seemed like the young man didn’t listen to the orders of the FIA and instead he tried to ruin the race of the driver behind. Reason enough to get your blood boiling, it seems. One car behind them there was an other driver who went on the radio furious with what he saw. Ricciardo wanted to know how Hamilton and his team mate Verstappen could escape a penalty while clearly cutting a corner and gaining an advantage. If it was up to him there would be a wall on the grass, in that corner. Perhaps that would bring back order to the ‘kindergarten’.

Of course the biggest talking points were the “F- bombs” Vettel dropped. Not only that but the quantity of them. It was a pure blooded cluster bomb, one big bleep which released several other smaller bleeps. In my personal experience of learning a language, it’s always the bad words one learns first. Therefore I can’t seriously believe there was one telly on this planet, playing F1, with someone behind it wondering what word FOM bleeped out. We all knew what it was, we all knew what he meant. But there was a word censored out that Vettel used to describe Verstappen. That word, plain and simple, was ‘Bastard’. Now I’ve heard worse than that but hey, who am I to judge. I swear like a m*therf*cking son of a b*tch.

A full transcript of the conversations in the last four laps and the out lap from Vettel, Verstappen, Ricciardo and their engineers/ team bosses comes up next. Enjoy. This time it won’t be bleeped out. If you’re younger than twelve go ask your parent for permission to proceed.- Tell them you’ve heard all these words before at school. That’ll help your argument.


L68 – RB to Verstappen: Ok, give the position. I think you’re going to have to give the position back, Max.
L68 – Verstappen: Let me know!
L68 – RB to Verstappen: Ok, stay there!

L68 – Vettel: He has to let me go, he has to let me go.
L68 – FER to Vettel: Ok, copy. Stay calm!
L68 – Vettel: No, it’s not right. I don’t stay calm, cause he is blocking me into Ricciardo.
L68 – FER to Vettel: Copy that.

L68 – FER to Vettel: We’re on it with Charlie.
L68 – FER to Vettel: Ok, Verstappen has to give you the position. Watch for Ricciardo behind!

L68 – RB to Ricciardo: Okay mate, so let’s keep it smooth. Take advantage when you can.

L69 – FER to Vettel: 3 laps to go.
L69 – Vettel: Move! Move, for fucks sake!
L69 – FER to Vettel: He has been informed. He has to move.
L69 – Vettel: He’s a bastard, that’s what he is.

L69 – RB to Verstappen: Alright mate, this is going to be investigated after the race, so keep your head down. 2 laps.

L69 – RB to Ricciardo: Ok, 2 laps to go. Battery is full. Let’s go!

L70 – Vettel: Am I the only one, or are you not seeing what I’m seeing? He’s just backing me off into Ricciardo. Fuck me.
L70 – FER to Vettel: You have to fight with him. Charlie…
L70 – Vettel: What the hell are you talking about? He cut the chicane.
L70 – FER to Vettel: Ok, copy.
L70 – Vettel: And now, he’s brake-testing me.
L70 – Vettel: I mean, honestly, I’m going to hit someone. I think I have a puncture. Rear left.

L70 – Ricciardo: That was fucked. He moved on braking. I had already committed. Fuck.
L70 – RB to Ricciardo: Ok, understood. Vettel may have a puncture.

L70 – FER to Vettel: Tyres are fine. Tyres are fine.
L70 – FER to Vettel: The car is fine, you can fight. The car is fine, you can fight.
L70 – Vettel: He has to give me the position, end of the story.
L70 – FER to Vettel: Charlie said that… Charlie said…
L70 – Vettel: Yeah… you know what, here’s the message for Charlie: Fuck off! Honestly. Fuck off!
L70 – Arrivabene to Vettel: Sebastian, Sebastian… calm down! They are under investigation. I know that it’s not fair. But calm down. Put your head down and we will talk afterwards.
L70 – Vettel: Ok, copy Maurizio.

L71 – RB to Verstappen: Ok Max, last lap. Gap to Sebastian 1,7 seconds.

L71 – RB to Ricciardo: Ok mate, this is the last lap now. Tyre pressures are fine. This is the last lap.
L71 – Ricciardo: I’ve got a massive vibration. How is the gap behind?
L71 – RB to Ricciardo: Yeah, understood. You’ve got a 30 seconds gap behind to Raikkonen. Keep up the pace in case Vettel gets a penalty. You’ve got no threat from behind. Try to keep within 5 seconds if possible.

L71 – FER to Vettel: Ricciardo has lost pace behind. He’s 2,7 seconds behind. Try to stay as close as possible in case of 5 second penalty at the end. This is the last lap.

—– Chequered Flag

L71+1 – RB to Verstappen: Ah Max. What can I say, mate. Amazing job. Amazing job. Really well done.
L71+1 – Verstappen: That was hard.
L71+1 – RB to Verstappen: 59 laps on that set. Fantastic.
L71+1 – Horner to Verstappen: Well done Maxie, that was a fantastic drive. No debate about turn 1. Ferrari were moaning about it, but you were well ahead and it was a lot less than Rosberg did at the beginning of the race. Great drive, you managed it well, and it was a great effort on Nico as well.
L71+1 – Verstappen: Yeah, thank you very much Christian. It was very hard the last 10 laps. But at the end I think it was still a very good result.
L71+1 – RB to Verstappen: Cool the car on the way in Max! And just a reminder: You will be stopping with Hamilton and Rosberg at Turn 13 in the stadium. Enjoy it!

L71+1 – FER to Vettel: P4, P4… slow and cool your brakes!
L71+1 – Vettel: I think I showed enough. I mean, overtaking is not a walk in the park. So to me it is clear. That’s the last what I’m saying.
L71+1 – Arrivabene to Vettel: Sebastian we understand, we talk afterwards and we are going to talk with FIA. You have done a great race, really. I am proud of you.
L71+1 – Vettel: Grazie ragazzi. The car was great, strategy worked well. Shame about yesterday because the pace was there to do more. Grazie.

L71+1 – RB to Ricciardo: Nice job on that mate.
L71+1 – Ricciardo: Yeah, but what about all these guys outbraking themselves at the first chicane? I mean Lewis at the start and Max the same. Put a fucking wall there and they won’t do it. That’s bullshit guys. Fucking kindergarten stuff.
L71+1 – RB to Ricciardo: Ok mate, understood. You did a very, very good job today. Pace was excellent. As I said, we are speaking to Charlie.
L71+1 – Horner to Ricciardo: Daniel that was as blatant a move as we’ve ever seen. The event notes are very, very clear. I don’t think you’ve got anything to fear. It was a great effort that you’ve put in and it was a great move that should have made stick.
L71+1 – RB to Ricciardo: Ok Daniel, we’re driving straight around to the pit entry. I let you have a chat with Vettel when you get there.

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