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Mexican GP: Rate the race

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A Red Bull driver taking pole is a headline in itself, but the emphatic fashion in which Daniel Ricciardo snatched pole from the apparent sure thing, Max Verstappen, denying him his what is likely to be his only remaining chance to become the youngest ever pole sitter, really set the scene for what promised to be a thrilling race.

Underpowered Red Bull locked out the front row with the championship contenders and relative top speed annihilators right behind. Team Finland, consisting of number two wingmen, (the supporting act, if you will) were on row three and poised to scoop up places on the long run into turn one.

It was billed to be absolute carnage. It was nothing of the sort. But about a second's worth of wheel spin from Ricciardo seen Verstappen handed the lead of the race, which, not unlike last year, he would keep till the end.

Where others struggled, he kept his cool, saved the tyres and extended his lead, ensuring a second victory in Mexico City. He also showed the sort of maturity he has seemed to lack in previous years. Progress, surely confirming suspicions that he will be a title contender before long, given the equipment to make it happen!

Max takes win number 5 in Mexico [Image: Getty]

Sebastian Vettel took second, not only in the race, but in the championship. With nothing short of a win keeping his championship alive, he just couldn't utilise his superior straight line pace on tyres that were falling apart. After a valiant fight, it wasn't to be and his title challenge was over.

If ever you needed to get an idea of the kind of guy Vettel is, yesterday will have absolutely given it to you. His number one priority when out of the car was to congratulate Lewis and he wasted no time in getting to the Mercedes garage to congratulate each of the team individually.

Sebastian was first on the scene to congratulate Lewis [Image: James Moy Images]

Kimi came third. That may be news to you as he was pretty anonymous for the majority of the race. Other than squabbling in no mans land with his fellow Finn, it was the demise of Daniel Ricciardo and the poor form of Lewis Hamilton that got him his first appearance of the day, on the podium. He tried to go long on the first stint to hold up the pack and allow Vettel to get a run on Max but the tyres were just too fragile and there was just no containing them.

With both Ferraris finishing ahead of both Mercs, it does mean the constructors championship is still there for the taking. Crumbs of comfort for Ferrari who undoubtedly dropped the ball this year.

When your feeling are written all over your face. [Image: Picasa]

There can be no doubting the fact that day belonged to Lewis Hamilton. Having had an all but flawless season, his fourth placed finish (78 seconds down, but i'll come to that!) was more than enough to secure him his fifth world title, levelling him as the second most successful F1 driver of all time, alongside Fangio. Not bad at all!

But was it the race you expected it to be? It had all the ingredients to be an absolute blinder, yet the top four were separated by over a minute and the entire field up to sixth were lapped twice.

For anyone who was feeling less than enthralled, Armin van Buuren was on hand to get the place jumping and what a setting.

Armin van Buuren doing a set in the stadium section of the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez [Image: twitter]


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