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MG Crash Repairs Drift Team.

1y ago


Back in 2011 I got to know Mark Gaffney, a Dublin man who owned a garage in an area called Ballyfermot in Dublin, a friend of mine Niall Keating, who was a photographer was taking pictures of his drift cars for him asked me if any of my promo team that I had at the time for promoting a car forum I owned. The girls willing helped with the photos and a friendship was born.

What can I say about Mark only what an incredible great friend he is and such a gent, the man would do anything to help anyone, including giving me his drift cars for car shows and worse still leaving the key to me!

Put a face to the name!

The next person I got to know through that photoshoot was Brendan Stone, a Kilkenny man, what can I say about Brendan, what an awesome driver he is, I would have no fear in getting into a car with him drifting he is truly a master of drifting. A quiet fella who doesn't get stressed over much! And now the driver of what's called the drift taxi in IDC,what a machine. A cool and calm fella, I don't think much bothers him.


The next driver on mg crash repairs team was Damien Mulvey another good driver and certainly knew how to drift these days he is into other motorsport.

The stig? No Damien!

So with the championship in sight the last the 2012 Pro Drift was Brendan's and team mg crash repairs.

Japfest 2012 was the last round of the pro drift championship, well known drifter Dai Youshiara visited this round he agreed to drift he had a high powered drift car. Mark was the main with the car, his Altezza was a power machine Dai agreed. When I met Dai the first thing that struck me about him was how much of a fun loving guy he is, myself and my friends were amazed by his hair, almost and afro even after taking off his helmet it stay standing up. Of course I was nominated to ask him had he used any hair product, his reply no it's naturally like this, here touch it bowing his head to me ha ha.

It was the same year the firs earthquake hit Japan he was selling I love JP stickers at mondello, I then volunteered to sell them in the paddock for him, I made about €150 for him at the time, handing this into him in the altezza you can imagine what happened with the change!

The battle was between Brendan and Dai, Brendan won, he was the 2012 PD Champion.

To sum up team mg crash repairs and maybe indeed the whole or part of drifting community, when you make friends with them they turn into family.

Mark especially he has often given me a dig out in regards to using his garage drift cars for shows etc, I honestly don't think that man has never said no to anyone, not me for one and some day I hope I can pay back all the favours he has done for me, friends for life I hope!

Have a watch of the video in the link below certainly sums up for me what friendship and team work is about! The type of guys who make you love drifting!

The boss man and Dai.

Let me know if you know of any other drift people or teams you'd like to know about, I'm sure to know them!

Thanks to Mark, Brendan, Damien and Dai for all the good times at drifting and all the entertainment.