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MG to give away up to 3,000 EV charging stations

MG announces raft of initiatives, including improved EV infrastructure, sponsorships and longer warranty.

UP to 3,000 EV charging stations, a new warranty offering, drive-away pricing and a new major sports sponsorship are among a raft of ambitious plans announced by MG for 2022 and beyond.

Over the next three years, up to 1,000 locations will be provided with electric vehicle charging stations. With up to 3,000 units on offer, the infrastructure will support local businesses across Australia, including hotels and resorts.

The new EV charging network – based on MG’s Aurora charge hub – will be donated to operators. These chargers will enhance each venue’s customer experience, but will also reassure electric vehicle owners that they can drive around Australia with ease.

The Chinese car maker will also rebrand its electric vehicles in Australia and New Zealand, with all future models that feature hybrid powertrains to use ‘Plus EV’ as the variant designator, helping to simplify the naming structure across its wider model line-up.

This means, with immediate effect, the current HS Plug-In Hybrid becomes the HS Plus EV. The MG ZS EV model name remains unchanged however. A more value focused version of the HS hybrid offering is set to be announced soon.

On the back of the support for the EV market, MG has confirmed a range-wide 7-year warranty and 7-year roadside assistance package, and the introduction of transparent drive-away pricing.

To take effect from 1 December, the latter initiative will mean the advertised price is all the customer will pay for their vehicle. In addition, MG will build on its partnerships with the NBL, Port Adelaide AFL club, and the Melbourne Stars men’s and women’s big bash teams.

The marque will also become the new naming rights partner for netball’s ANZ Premiership champions, the Auckland-based Northern Mystics, who will now be known as the MG Mystics.

The NZ team also joins international Premier League partner Liverpool FC, with a fleet of MGs to transport the team around New Zealand in safety and style, meeting the fans who follow and participate in the country’s most popular female sport.

MG's Aurora charging station

MG's Aurora charging station

This article first published on Exhaust Notes Australia.

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  • EVs are coming... in fact they are already here and taking over rather quickly without many people realising. This highlights the lack of charging facilities to those who want to join the trend. It is also becoming increasingly obvious to EV manufacturers that governments have glacial response times to their nation's needs, and have decided to take matters into their own hands in order to give customers a means to 'fuel' their chosen steed. How much more cost effective it becomes when instead of spending tens of millions on advertising, most of which is actively ignored and detested, to spend it instead on branded fast charger stations that other owners from your competitors can charge at. Not only that, but they repay their costs over time too. The best chargers no longer need faffing about with, but use the same tech as your local corner shop to scan your card or phone app. There are few EVs that need more than £30 to fill up with electricity, so that sum is set aside in their escrow account as you charge up, and any left unused goes straight back into your account when you finish charging., MG is part of a truly giant Chinese manufacturing group, and the Chinese are very proactive and fast at implementing their fast moving business plans. This comes as no surprise to me as they watch the success of their nearest competition from Tesla and other Chinese manufacturers. Quite frankly, our homegrown bunch are an embarrassment in this respect. Even VW, whose 'fine' in America for 'dieselgate' was to build the Electrify America charger network, is selling it off now that the probation period has expired. Who'd have thought it even belonged to them to claw back the fine? So VW won't actually be offering a means for their customers to charge up the products they build, just leaving behind rather old-tech and unreliable chargers they were forced to provide as a fine for poisoning millions of people. Yup, well done MG.

      6 days ago