MGS-01 - Moto Guzzi's racer

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When you think of Moto Guzzi, race bike heritage isn't something that immediately springs to mind. They've earned the image of steady, heavy cruising bikes over the past couple of decades, ridden by bearded gentlemen who like to tinker with their toys.

During the mid 2000s, Guzzi went a bit mad and decided to develop a proper sports bike, the MGS-01 (Moto Guzzi Sport Model Number 1)

The air-cooled engine that defined the brand was still kept as the throbbing heart of the MGS-01, its 1125cc capacity tuned for 130bhp. Race bikes bored out to 1300cc saw over 160 horses from the motor thanks to high compression Cosworth designed pistons.

The best Ohlins and Brembo had to offer adorned each end of the MGS, along with a futuristic 2D dash.

Even with all of the special parts and radical looks, there was no escaping the final weight which tipped the scales at over 200kg.

It would never match the competition coming out of Ducati's Bologna factory, and was more of a rich man's toy than an out-and-out race winner.

Just 100 or so examples of the $35,000 track only MGS-01 Corsa were built (with gaps in between production due to financial issues) before owners Piaggio eventually pulled the plug. Road legal versions were never built, making the MGS a rare creature indeed.

There are even some zero mile examples sat in dealers around the world which fetch a hefty premium. Even though the MGS-01 was never a thoroughbred race winner, it hasn't put people off the prospect of adding one to their collection.

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  • I rode one for Guzzi at Goodwood FOS in 2004. The track was dirty and it had been raining. To add to the fun, the bike was on brand new slicks. 'Have fun but try not to crash. It's the only one we've got right now,' said the designer.

      3 years ago
  • Porn on 2 wheels!

      10 months ago
  • Sexy sexy

      3 years ago