MG's New EV Estate Price Announced

MG's newest car, the MG5, is set to cost lest than 25k.

33w ago

MG's parent company, SAIC has been developing their next car for the U.K. market, the MG5 EV estate. What is pretty much a re-branded Roewe Ei5, could become a massive hit here in the U.K., as the lack of something similar in its price range could mean that this new EV may fill a large gap in the market for an electric estate car at a decent price.

I've been following the MG5 EV ever since it was announced earlier this year and now I'm excited to say that a price has been revealed.

A very enticing price of £23,995 (with the government subsidy of £3000 included) had been announced for the car. Already, the MG5 is off to a great start. Remember the MG ZS EV was not too dis-similarly priced when it was launched, so in a sense the MG5 is offering similar style, but with better trim and equipment then the ZS EV for a similar price.

When the MG5 is released in Q4 later this year, the pricing will position it well enough, that it will become one of the most affordable electric estates in the U.K. which could move MG as a brand up to new heights and keep it growing even in the current crisis that the global motor industry is going through due to the pandemic.

Also announced, was the trim levels for the MG5. Similar to the MG ZS EV, the MG5 will have two trim levels, Excite and Exclusive, with Exclusive, presumably being the top model in the range.

Although full specifications have yet to be released, MG have announced some updated figures for the new 5 in comparison to the ones available back at the beginning of the year. As expected, the MG5 will have some differences in power from its Chinese sister, with a power output of 156bhp. This is a fairly large increase of 42bhp from the figures released before. Along with this, we can probably expect the 5 to be updated a fair bit from the Ei5 so that it sits well with the other competition in the U.K. market.

With the lack of official details, it is hard to say much about the details of the car, but the announcement from MG claimed a combined range of 214 miles (344 km) and a city range of 276 miles (444km). MG Motor UK has also previously hinted at a 73kWh battery and a possible range of 500km. SAIC has added that it would weigh the same as the 44.6 kWh battery that is in the MG ZS EV but we cannot confirm this until official figures are released.

Customers can now register their interest for the new MG5 and we can expect to see it released here in the U.K. in Q4 of this year.



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Comments (12)

  • Wait. MG still exists? Why am i genuinely surprised? 🤔

      7 months ago
    • Surprised in a good way or a bad way 😉. They've been going again since '08. Sadly they haven't made cars in the U.K. since 2016 but at least it's still going!

        7 months ago
    • Im not sure in what way 😂 i vaguely remember hefty reliability issues

        7 months ago
  • A properly decent EV with actual practicality for under £25k? Sounds great!

      7 months ago
  • I'll probably buy it

      7 months ago
  • Okay, that’s the most intriguing car that has been announced this year for me.

    The Defender is something I aspire too, but this is almost affordable

      7 months ago
    • That's what I love about MGs, they're something you can aspire too that you can actually afford.

        7 months ago
    • Well if I didn’t have a need for RWD or AWD, I would of probably had a ZR or ZS as my first car over my Freelander, I’ve driven them and liked them a lot. Very likeable cars which are fun to drive, what’s not to love?

        7 months ago