MI7: Cruise drives off a cliff, shoots a car chase in Rome and more!

Mission Impossible: £2 million sets caught fire because of a bike stunt gone wrong, a Fiat 500, a doorless BMW M5, a train, a BMW M5 with doors and a Nissan GT-R camera car!

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W​ritten by: Rahil Hashmi

T​om Cruise. He’s jumped off buildings, stayed underwater for 5 minutes, hung onto the door of a plane for dear life as it took off, drove an M3 down some stairs in Morocco, completed a HALO jump and he’s done about a billion other things that would kill most people and let us not forget that the man is 58!

B​ut, out of all his stunts, none of them come close to Cruise’s most recent adventure. Oh yes, he and Hayley Atwell went for a leisurely stroll in an old Fiat.

Granted, the pair were also seen in the absolutely bonkers 617 horsepower BMW M5 but still, Mission Impossible are using a Fiat 500 as one of their cars and I think that’s brilliant.

I​ say this purely due to the fact that this scene was shot in Rome- the beating heart of what is one of the most fascinating countries on earth: Italy.

I​taly have contributed so much to design, culture and society which is why it’s difficult to convey the essence of Italy in a picture or video but the use of the Fiat 500 does this brilliantly! With its cute appearance and 60 years of history, the 500 really does have the potential to add a lot to any film scene.

T​he one that will be seen in the film was built circa late 1950s and one of the Fiats that was used for the film features one of the most interesting exterior driver-rigs that I have ever seen.

I​t is interesting but then again, I cannot say that it’s surprising- the Fiat 500 is such a small car that there is no other place the driver can sit.

T​here are more interesting machines in Mission Impossible 7

A​ Mission film would not be complete without more than one interesting vehicle, so, here are some of the cars that have been spotted!

D​oor-less BMW M5

The BMW M5 is no stranger to the Mission Impossible franchise. Featuring in an exhilarating scene where Ethan Hunt had to choose between saving his friend and the world, the way that the MI team portrayed the M5 really did make a lot of the audience want to go and buy one.

Initially, the car appeared to be harmless but then as the exchange between Hunt and the baddies escalated, the M5 then turned into this incredibly powerful machine that was capable of saving the team- it was almost as if it was an actual character.

I​t‘s for these reasons that I am incredibly happy to say that the M5 will be making a grand return in the 7th instalment of the MI franchise.

T​he car has been spotted in two variants: the standard M5 and the extra ventilation package, yes, it has no doors.

N​o, this is not how the car will be seen in the film- the has actually been seen doorless so that the cameras can get better angles fo Cruise and Atwell.

T​he version that will be seen in the film has actually been shared via an Instagram post that was uploaded by none other than Christopher McQuarrie (director of the film).

I​mage credit: Christopher McQuarrie

I​mage credit: Christopher McQuarrie

T​his car was also spotted in Rome and it’s highly likely that Ethan Hunt will use this in the same chase as the Fiat- it will certainly be interesting to see how the production team have tied it all together.

Nissan GT-R camera car​

I​ know that I’m supposed to be talking about cars that will be spotted with Hunt behind the wheel on the big screen but this is just too cool to leave out.

A​s I was watching the footage of the M5 driving through the streets of Rome, I noticed that it was being followed by a number of camera cars. None of them were peculiarly interesting until I saw a Nissan GT-R.

T​he car was sourced to a chap called Mauro Calo by Nissan themselves and it’s a post-2011 facelift model meaning that it has an insane 537hp.

T​his may not seem necessary for any film but, when you’ve got Tom Cruise behind the wheel of a 600hp BMW, it is.

A​ train

R​ecently, Tom Cruise was recently spotted lounging on the top of a train and it is the most insane thing that I have seen this year.

Image credit: Christopher McQuarrie

Image credit: Christopher McQuarrie

This is not because there was no safety equipment whatosever but more the fact that Tom Cruise was about as calm as the beach waves lapping against the shores but when you attempt deadly stunts in a helicopter after just a few days of flying the damn thing, I suppose that sitting on top of a train is just a casual Tuesday.

T​here is no escaping the past...

m​ission impossible

I​ suspect that this is a throwback to the original Mission Impossible which hit theatres back in 1996- it featured an incredible stunt where Hunt was trying to move on the top of a high-speed chase.

M​oreover, the phrase “There is no escaping the past...” is one that keeps getting thrown about in teasers for the upcoming film.

A​nother fact that I find completely and utterly hilarious is that the crew were spotted by a group of friends casually driving past a train- I can only imagine the feeling they had when they noticed that it was none other than Tom Cruise on that train.

There’s also a bike, or rather, there was...

N​ot only have we now got an idea of some of the cars that will feature in the next MI film, we also know about some of the stunts.

T​his includes an absolutely insane bike-stunt that appears to have come straight out of some sort of BMX show!

I​n this scene, Ethan Hunt will be seen driving a bike straight off a massive ramp into what can only be described as a big pot of nothing.

Unsurprisingly, Tom didn’t even use any form of harnesses for the final shoot which just adds to the sheer insanity of the film.

The final scene was shot in Norway but prior to this, Cruise and the MI production team were here in England to practice the stunt. Shooting was delayed as the £2 million set actually caught fire as one of the bikes exploded... and apparently this is just a casual thing for the guys over at Mission Impossible.

I​mage credit: Daily Mail

I​mage credit: Daily Mail

S​hould we be excited?

W​ell, what I have just mentioned is just a small percentage of the action that is to come so yes, we should all be excited for this film.

A​nd Tom, if you’re reading this, which you aren’t but I’m going to pretend that you are, how the hell are you still alive?

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