miata: The greatest car ever made (maybe)

The miata is the best selling roadster for a reason. Is it possible that the miata is the greatest car ever made?

4y ago

Judging the Miata without driving it is like deciding whether you like escargot without tasting it. Sure its appearance isn't.... appetizing, and the fluffy french name surely doesn't help. This brilliant mix of Japanese engineering and American (more specifically Californian) design creates possible the best car ever made. This sports car is great because it satisfies the golden rule of sports cars. Light weight = good driving car. It's a pretty simple formula, but it works wonders.

I'm not the only one who things the Miata is great. Throughout its many generations, it has gathered an endless amount of praise from critics. Including one of our fearless leaders:

The fact is that if you want a sports car, the MX-5 is perfect. Nothing on the road will give you better value. Nothing will give you so much fun. The only reason I'm giving it five stars is because I can't give it 14!

Jeremy Clarkson

14/5 stars isn't shabby. It was also said by Clarkson himself, so if you disagree you're wrong. The experience you get while driving the Miata is incredible unique. Sure, you could probably get something close to it if you spend a good amount of money. Alternatively, you can pickup an NA Miata (1990-1997) in great condition for under $6k. I urge you to do it. It is true that "Nothing on the road will give you better value.

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