For those that are blessed with plenty of dual carriage/motor ways what I am about to tell you may not sound that impressive but when you bare into account not only has this result been achieved by a taxi it's also been achieved in the county of Ceredigion, Wales.

Aberystwyth is a picturesque town and hub for the local community with a varying population. From September to May we have students swelling our population and when they leave, In come the tourist's that populate the town and our beautiful surrounding villages. Travelling between these villages and towns are what causes our tyres to typically last 12,000 miles on the front and 18,000 or more on our rear tyres.

For those that haven't read the last instalment after 1mm I had covered 4,429 miles and a month on I have used another milometer of tyre depth.

On 2mm of tyre depth the tyres have now covered 7,128 on a perfectly worn tyre, It's critical for tyre life that you keep on top of your tyre pressures and if the steering/handling doesn't feel precise then ask to have your four wheel alignment checked. This is often free and prices typically start at £25.00 for adjustment. this is worth it on so many levels, I will be doing an update on four wheel alignment soon so watch this space.

Thank you for reading my on going assessment of my Michelin tyres and I will update you again when I get to 4mm.

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