Michelin cross climate tyres. 1mm in.

It's fair to say I am seriously impressed with the Michelin CrossClimate, As a taxi driver in Mid Wales we are constantly tackling corner after corner on some pretty rough surfaces and so far it's fair to say these tyres have past all expectation's.

When the tyres were first fitted we measured the standard tyre depth at 7mm, Experience tell's me that most tyres start with 8mm so I found this a little odd but then i took the view that it's how long they actually last and to see how things go.

How many miles have i done?

4,429 miles, I have done 4,429 miles on 1mm of tyre tread!!!! In rural Mid Wales this is unbelievable. On Maxxis I usually achieve no more than 11,000 miles from the total life of the front tyre. On an average of 4,429 miles per mm I am looking to achieve almost 24,000 miles from my front tyres without rotation by the time the tyres hit the legal limit of 1.6mm.

Impressed? I certainly am!

Check back in the next 3-4 weeks for my next Installment.

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