Michelin Cross Climate Tyres. 4mm in

It's hard to believe that I've had these tyres fitted for 4 months and that they're still going strong, As mentioned in my previous blog I have often had Maxxis tyres fitted to my Taxi and I have found they typically last between 11-12,000 miles.

Now 11,000 to 12,000 miles may not be alot of mileage but when your contending with the roads of Mid Wales this is a fairly average tyre life on car that receive's regular tyre pressure checks and has had its geometry checked.

I have mentioned geometry as wheel alignment is something I have mentioned on my other blog (Wales To The Ring) something that is often over looked and also not suggested by garages and mechanics across the UK is that when you have any repair work done to your suspension.

It's highly unlikely your wheels will be pointing in exactly the right direction and as last week I had two new lower ball joints fitted I decided it was best to have the car tracked.

As you can see on the picture above the Toe was massively out and this would expected due to the job that was carried out.

Now back to the tyres

The tyres have now covered a fantastic 14,107 miles with 1.4mm of life remaining which means I hoping to get in the region of 17,000 miles from the Michelin CrossClimate tyre that's a massive increase of life expectancy, Yes they are that bit more expensive to buy but they're lasting a lot longer with obvious grip benefit's in the wet over my previous tyre purchases.

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