Michelin Cross Climate Tyres. The Final Result.

A finale to my test on running a pair of Michelin CrossClimate tyres on a Taxi in Rural mid Wales.

I went into this test with a slightly sceptical view, Don't get me wrong Michelin are arguably the best tyre manufacturer on the planet however i'm an ex-car salesman and for that I rarely ride the hype train.

The reviews were glowing and even Honest John has awarded them "Product Of The Year 2017"

However the claim of up to 5,000 miles more? I simply did not believe that was even achievable at the start of the test.

I decided they were worth taking a punt on and getting some real life results in a tyre demanding county.

For those that have read my previous blogs on the tyres will know that I usually get 11,000-12,000 miles from a pair of front tyres due to the constant twists and turns in my county. Dual carriage and motorways are many, many miles away and my life is spent mainly on B Roads or worse (.... I'm pretty sure i am virtually white laning sometimes!!)

It's even been a wedding car in the past month.

It's even been a wedding car in the past month.

The good news is that I managed to get 17,975 miles from my front's, That is without any rotation whatsoever and if I am honest I think it could have been higher if it wasn't for the tracking going out a couple of times and an ongoing investigation into a suspension rattle that refused to rear its head!

So will I go for the CrossClimates again? Its clearly silly question time in the Thomson-Dewey household today!

So you've guessed it right I've gone with them again!

This time were heading into the wintry months and I've finally sorted my suspension woes so lets give it another go and see what results we get.

Huw Lewis Tyres Aberystwyth's local Michelin supplier.

Huw Lewis Tyres Aberystwyth's local Michelin supplier.

I would also like to Thank Teiars Huw Lewis Tyres on the Glan Yr Afon, Industrial Estate, Aberystwyth for all the hard work & efforts from supplying the tyres to helping to maintain a fair and monitored test. I really can't fault the service you guys provide!!

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