Michelin CrossClimate Extends Range..

    The renowned Michelin CrossClimate range has extended with the introduction of the new Michelin CrossClimate Agilis – specially designed for vans

    Similar to its 4x4 and car tyre equivalents, the CrossClimate Agilis has been developed to deliver safety in every weather condition and is approved for use in winter conditions.

    The newest edition to the CrossClimate range takes the lead when it comes to dry road braking thanks to its grip maximising tread – which maximises indentation in the ground whatever the temperature.

    To read more about the Michelin CrossClimate Agilis, click here.

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    • We need a test scenario. I'm always wondering if I should fork out for more expensive premium tyres. Also if I should buy all climate. We don't have the extreme weather here (yet) that warrants swapping winter for summer tyres. But if I could justify spending more on an all climate tyre, I would get them in.

        1 year ago
      • Maybe we'll look into getting some test videos done to show how well they work. However, from my personal experience having tested them on both a ski slope & closed track, I can confirm they do their job well!

          1 year ago
    • Welcome to Drivetribe Natasha!

        2 years ago


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