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Words: Shaun Pope

We're heading out to Seville for Michelin's full launch of the all-new Road 5 at the end of February, but if you just can't wait until then, here's our mini review to tide you over.

Michelin's Pilot Road series has been their best-selling tyre in their range for a long time now, and it's consistently been every motorcyclist's favourite go-to road hoop come rain or shine.

Michelin's revolutionary rain siping technology made it unbeatable at wet-weather performance and now they've revealed the fifth generation, whilst dropping the 'pilot' part of the name.

The test bike - KTM's 990 SuperDuke. Test pilot also pictured in his finest Sunday attire

Skip the tech blurb - are they any good?

Nobody wants to read pages of tech spiel about siping technology and belt innovations.

They want to know:

How do they perform in the wet and dry

How long will they last

How much do they cost.

Michelin confidently boasts that a 3,000 mile old pair of their new Road 5's will stop just as quickly as a brand-new pair of Road 4's, thanks to the new XST Evo Sipe technology.

That's a bold claim and as our long-term test progresses we hope to test it out in the real world.

Interesting tread pattern with slick edges for mega dry grip at full lean

Verdict :

On a cold winter's day in Wales with some wet, slippery and dry tarmac to chuck the bike around on, feedback from the front tyre in particular is superb.

The carcass feels very soft, just like their sportier Power RS tyre, which is a great thing.

The new Road 5 also has more naked edges on front and back, which goes a long way to improving the dry weather grip at full lean over the old model.

I'd go as far as saying Michelin has possibly come up with the perfect no-compromise tyre, something that can be used through the depths of winter and able to scratch away in the summer thanks to grippier shoulders.

We'll let you know our full warm-weather (hopefully!) verdict from the full test in Spain at the end of February, as well as a full mileage report later this year on our long-term test pair.

So far it's a solid two thumbs up for grip, feedback and confidence, and another step on from the old PR4.

Prices are around £250 a pair depending on sizing.

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  • Needing new tires for my R1200R and I am torn between these and Roadtec 01... Can't go wrong with either but it's a tough call.

    11 months ago
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