Mick Schumacher's Contract Extension for 2022 to be Finalized

Team Principal Gunther Steiner: “Need to be a few t’s crossed and a few i’s dotted.”

8w ago

With the current state of the driver’s market, many of the drivers are remaining focused on their performance for the remainder of the season, waiting for the summer break to sign the dotted line for a new contract. One of these drivers is Mick Schumacher of Haas.

The 22-year-old has yet to sign a contract with the American Formula One team, due to his association with the Ferrari Driver Academy. Haas is content to sign both drivers for the 2022 season, with Mazepin already having his contract signed.

There are to be talks between Schumacher and Haas with Ferrari, which has caused the delay since it is essentially a three-way contract.

Steiner spoke at the British Grand Prix, “There need to be a few t's crossed and a few i's dotted, and then we will get there. But Mick is not... he is [not] trying to say he's not signed, but there are agreements in place. But because of [the contract being] three-way it's always more difficult than when it is a straightforward one-to-one contact.”

Schumacher has an interesting position, because as a Ferrari Driver Academy cadet, he can either continue at Haas or potentially join Ferrari’s partner team, Alfa Romeo. There have already been rumors circulating, that Alfa Romeo will be his next move in his budding F1 career.

During the current 2021 season, the German driver has not scored any points at the back of the grid. He has only managed to advance from Q1 to Q2 at the French Grand Prix, with 13th place being his highest placement at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Despite this, he has made a name for himself at Haas, beating fellow rookie teammate Nikita Mazepin in seven of the nine races they have finished in.

The German driver expects to resolve the issue of his contract following the summer break after the Hungarian Grand Prix.

"Obviously, my focus right now is really on here, now, and on the race. You know, we have the summer break, the summer shutdown coming soon. And that's really when I will be completely on that and then focus on that."

Michael Schumacher made his F1 debut in 1991 at the Belgian Grand Prix for the Jordan team. Recently at Silverstone, Mick had the chance to drive the Jordan 191. The green livery and 7 Up sponsorship is deemed to be one of the most beautiful Formula One cars of all time. Mick posed for photos in the car captioning them on social media, “I’m in my dad’s car - Vroom vroom" in reference to the famous Vine.

Silverstone also saw Haas participating in the 2021 low profile tyre testing for Pirelli, along with Aston Martin and Red Bull.

The Formula One team, owned by Gene Haas, is also planning to resolve the issue of Schumacher’s “crooked” seat ahead of the race in Hungary. The rookie has been sitting in a crooked position since his debut. The team only learned of the issue through Schumacher’s own mother, Corinna, at the French Grand Prix.

"I actually spoke with Mick when we were in the factory on Tuesday, and we had a little laugh about it, because it came out so big, this crooked seat [story].” Steiner said. The crooked seat is not an issue of the seat itself, but rather Schumacher’s own body shape.

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Comments (8)

  • Hopefully we can see Mick in a better car next year and see him get into some on track battles.

      1 month ago
    • The fangirl in me wants to see Mick and Callum at Alfa Romeo and see what they could do as teammates, but realistically Mick will probably be at Haas for another few years. I'm hoping Haas upgrades their cars soon.

        1 month ago
    • I think we were all hoping for that or for Ilott to partner him at Haas as he deserves to be on the grid. Maybe he'll join Alfa Romeo next year and we'll see them on track together.

        1 month ago
  • Not a surprise that his team mate has already signed - where else would he go/who would have him? Mick is, as you say, in an interesting position in that Ferrari want him to learn and progress and presumably want some kind of assurances that Haas '22 is going to be a damn sight better than Haas '21 is proving to be. There is also the Kimi question and, possibly, the added issue of Bottas' future - whatever happens, Mick wants to ensure he stays on the grid rather than being just another member of the Ferrari driver squad where too many drivers have disappeared into other series/obscurity in the past.

      1 month ago
    • I can’t see Mick dipping into another series, so he’s either going to stay at Haas or jump at the chance to go to Alfa Romeo. I think it would be hilarious if Bottas and Mick find themselves teammates at Alfa Romeo. Because Mick is part of...

      Read more
        1 month ago
    • History shows us that it normally takes Mick a couple of seasons to get to grips with a new series, so it kind of makes sense to stay put at Haas for next year though what tools they will give him to do the job is a whole other debate - there is also the...

      Read more
        1 month ago