Mid-Engined Chevrolet Corvette C8 spotted in the public!

4w ago


The next generation Corvette is set to be revealed in due course, most likely at some point in 2019, for now apart of the fact that for the first time ever it's set to be a mid-engined the information is scarce and limited to unconfirmed rumours.

The rumours include possible powertrains and figures, some speak of a 6.2V8 we all know and love others bring a new 5.5-litre unit, some bring up the idea of hybrid power with as much as 1000bhp.

A recent rumour that came from 'CorvetteForum.com' claiming the new 'Vette could cost as much as $169.000, that's quite a spike from the current model which even in high trim can be had for well under the $100k mark.

The following video coming from 'Street Production 303' shows the C8 prototypes doing some road-tests as well as a few accelerations stints giving us a sample of its rather fruity exhaust note.

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  • They basically opened the played book and stole the last years of the NSX design.... Waytogp Chevy

    13 days ago
  • A lot of good points made here, most of which I agree with is that it should not carry the Corvette name. One of the great things about the Corvette is that it has always been relatively affordable. A design like this, (albeit pretty promising), would push it in to the next price bracket for sure. The Corvette fills a niche well at its current price point. I think it would be a mistake to give up a market segment that the Corvette has dominated in the States for many years.

    29 days ago
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    • I believe that Chevy stated that if they where to make a mid engine corvette that it would be offered beside the current front engine model

      28 days ago


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