- Seems strange looking at a corvette which doesn't have a long swooping nose.

Mid-Engined Corvette!?

Chevrolet have been leading the charge in modern American muscle, along side Mustang, for some time now. It seems change is on the horizon...

Corvette has stuck to their safe ways of sticking a lump of pig iron in the shape of a V8 under a long nose, then sending power to the rear wheels for some time now. Don't think for a second I am here to disparage Chevrolet for what their Corvette range has been doing over the years. I actually believe they have been pretty important in creating affordable performance for your everyday car lover who doesn't have the account balance to shell out $200,000 for a used Ferrari.

But, as great as this has been, it seems that Corvette are starting to move with the performance car times and have taken the engine out from under the front bonnet (I simply wont use the word hood) and are going to be cramming it in just behind the passengers. Something higher end performance cars companies have been doing for years. So what are the nerdy reasons for this? Well, it is much easier to get a 50/50 (or near to) weight distribution. Also, as the engine will be closer to the rear wheels the drive-shaft will be shorter, thus saving weight. I'm sure there are many other complex reasons which people will not refrain from leaving in the comments section...Let me know.

Let's get to it then...

Chevrolet Corvette C8 "Zora" - 2019

So from this you can see that there have been a few different renderings from automotive artists of what this car will look like, Just compare the rear lights of this photo to the hero photo for the article, for example.

Hopefully they will take the bin bags off before they sell it.

Hopefully they will take the bin bags off before they sell it.

Spend 5 seconds on Google and you will find a load of spy shots similar to this one. If you ask me, it looks like a slightly less extreme Saleen S7 that has been attacked by a mob of black bin-bags. It seems as if the front end is going to have quite a square and wedge type shape which could be a good thing. But isn't it strange to see a Corvette without a long nose!?

Price then. A point of massive important when it comes to buying a Corvette. I am glad to report that the news is good here. So, to put it simply, the car could start from as low as $65,000. What kind of bang can we expect for this buck? Unfortunately it probably wont be anything hugely different, most likely a variation of Chevrolet's venerable small block V8. But think about it, a mid-engined V8 sports car that will most likely have north of 450BHP for $65,000? Sounds like an absolute bargain.

Let me know your thoughts of a mid-engined Corvette in the comments.

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Comments (2)

  • I just hope there is a Corvette "Classic" (like Coke) with a front engine for at least a while.

      2 years ago
    • I wouldn’t worry they are also revealing the new ZR1 at the Dubai autoshow. This will be a front engined track focused car 😁

        2 years ago