Mid-Summer Update!

Lot's to cover, it's the mid-summer update!

Hello again Everybody!

It's been a while, and I know I've been really busy lately. However, here is the next post! I talk about the last few weeks of racing, from Le Mans till now. I visited Mosport last weekend and took a bunch of photos and finally; my helmet got painted!


Firstly, we had the 2018 edition of the 24hrs of Le Mans. If you read my 2018 predictions, you can clearly see I was VERY wrong about the outcome of the race. A huge part of this is the incorrect way the ACO is “balancing” the LMP1’s. It’s a joke. There was absolutely no way Toyota wasn’t going to win the race. If the EOT was spot on, Toyota would have won by 2 laps, assuming no mechanical issues. However, the gap was 2 laps to the second car and then another 10 laps to the first privateer. EOT /= BOP. We sadly have learned this the hard way. Hollow victory, albeit very well deserved in a mid-naughties Audi kind of way.

Read the full article below!


MY helmet got painted! :D

MY helmet got painted! :D

What did you guys think? Is the ACO really dense about BOP for LMP1? Is my helmet awesome? What are your thoughts on the DTM/GT500 rules merger? Let me know below!

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