Mid-Week Motorsport Headlines - 13th October 2021

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Mercedes believe that if Hamilton had stayed out, he could have dropped back to the edge of the points. Looking at how Ocon did over the last 10 laps, you can see where they are coming from, as the tyres seemed to just lose temperature or something. I do think that if Lewis had pitted around when Perez did, he could have got a podium out of it, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.


The announcement we all knew was coming has finally arrived, as Harvey has been confirmed at RLL for next year. Rather surprisingly though, it will be in the No. 45 HyVee car, which everyone assumed would have an American driver in. As for Jack, I am still surprised by the move slightly, as the Rahal team are probably on a par with Meyer Shank, so it is a risk moving like that. He will probably be in the midpack for most of the year in 2022.

Formula E

After much anger and complaints by the drivers, the group format of qualifying has finally been changed. However, instead of implementing a simpler and more logical format, they have gone completely out there with it. It will begin with two groups of 11 doing the fastest time they can, with the 4 fastest from each advancing. There will then be 4 ‘duels’, each having a winner, and these 4 will duel again to give 2 finalist who fight for pole. It is unclear what the ‘duel’ will be, presumably a race or something, yet it just seems rather confusing to me. I am still happy for them to try it out, and you never know it could work!

Other News

Rast and Muller are joining Audi’s LMDh programme from 2023. The two had been rivals in DTM for Audi last year, but Rast then focused on Formula E, only for Audi to pull out of the sport a year later. They should be great additions to the factory team going forwards.


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  • So happy for Jack. I hope he gets to the top step of the podium next year!

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