Mid-Week Motorsport Headlines - 1st December 2021

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In the past week we have received the tragic news that at the age of 79, Frank Williams has passed away. A true icon of the sport, Frank embodied everything great about an independent F1 team owner, and had absolute dedication to the sport he loved. He was kind too, and had time for everyone in the paddock, which is what made him so well loved by all. Plus, he did all of this whilst fighting the horrible injuries he endured in the 80s, which made him even more well respected. There will never be another Frank, and we are all lucky to have seen him at work, I wish his family and friends the best at this time.

Norris is moving to Monaco, to join the majority of the F1 drivers, in the home of the rich and famous. He has not shied away from the reasons for going there, admitting he has to look after his future in terms of income, so we can at least respect his honesty in that regard. As much as I would like the Brits to live in the UK, like Lando had done, it won’t change how I view him, and I hope everyone else feels the same.


McLaren have completed the purchase of a majority stake of Arrow McLaren SP, which is a good sign of their intent for the future. Sam Schmidt and Ric Peterson will still have some say in the running of the team, as they will be on a five person board which runs their operations, along with 3 McLaren appointed advisors. With a possible expansion to 3 full time cars, and O’Ward’s near title run, they could soon become another powerhouse team in IndyCar.

Formula E

After 2 days of testing, there are no clear indications of who could be on top when the season starts next year. Frijns topped the first session, whilst Evans was fastest in the simulation of qualifying, Da Costa was fastest on the second morning, before De Vries won the race simulation and Vandoorne had the fastest time of the day. What I would take from that is that the drivers and teams who were quick last year, will likely be in similar positions for 2022.

There have been teasers for the Gen3 car, which is set to come in for the 2022-23 season. The car looks just as radical as the Gen2 car, which is a good sign. The car is also set to hit 200mph, which would be huge in terms of the potential tracks they could go to. They will likely still lack downforce compared to F1, but that will surely just increase the entertainment value if they are struggling to control these new beasts!


There will be an 8-part docuseries on Amazon Prime, documenting the events of the 2021 MotoGP season. Clearly inspired by the success of Drive to Survive, Dorna Sports, who own the series, wants to also appeal to a more casual audience, through the dramatization that a TV series can bring. If they pitch the series right, and make it enjoyable for all, there is no reason why it can’t work, as MotoGP has just as much action as F1.


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