Mid-Week Motorsport Headlines - 22nd September 2021

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Aston Martin have confirmed that they will retain the same line up for 2022. It has worked pretty well for them during what has been a tough year, Vettel has been reborn in some ways, and produced some great races, whilst Stroll is continuing to grow as he races in F1. I wonder how much longer Sebastien will stay in the sport.

In further Aston Martin news, Martin Whitmarsh will join the team to oversee its operation. He will report directly to the team’s owner, Lawrence Stroll, whilst watching over Otmar Szafnauer, who runs the teams on track work. His previous time in F1 was not super successful, when he ran McLaren, at a time when it got so close to another title, without quite getting it done. He has done other work since then, and could be another useful aide, in bringing the team to the forefront of the sport.


The 2022 schedule has been revealed, which in a lot of ways is similar to this year’s one. It does start a bit earlier, with its first race in February since 2004, and there is now just 1 race at Texas, which I think we can all agree was the right move. Rather surprisingly, there will be only 1 race at Detroit too, which we had all got used to being a doubleheader. This is probably as a result of TV timings. Iowa back on the calendar is a massive plus, as it is a fantastic oval, and Laguna Seca could be a thrilling finale, if this year is anything to go by. Overall, with 14 races on network NBC, the future is looking up for IndyCar.

Honda clinched the manufacturers title at the Firestone Grand Prix, their 10th in the sport. It is not a surprise really, given the pace of Chip Ganassi Racing this year, and Dale Coyne Racing too. Add to that the slight demise of Penske, compared to what we usually see, and it all makes sense. That being said, it could all change for 2022.


Lecuona is very annoyed with KTM for not allowing him to ride in the Misano test, instead favouring the rookies who will join the team next year. I can see why the team has done it, to try and help them get up to speed for 2022. I think the anger more comes from the decision to drop Iker in the first place.

Dovizioso has said that Quartararo is doing crazy things on the Yamaha, in order to have the pace he has got. He also said that his bike is very particular, and can’t understand where it differs from the factory bike. Chances are there is a major difference, as everyone who has run that bike all year, have found it difficult to adapt to it.

Rossi believes that MotoGP in Italy will be fine once he has left. With the emergence of Bagnaia and Bastiannini, you can see where he is coming from, as there shouldn’t be a vacuum of talent in Italy after he leaves. I am sure that some fans will leave, simply because they only watched the sport for 1 man, but hopefully most are more committed MotoGP fans, and will stay for the future.


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