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Greetings from sunny Fuerteventura, I am here on holiday for a week to escape the cold, wet and windy UK. Whilst here it is popular to hire electric bicycles and scooters to get around, so after some research, I found this bad boy and here are my thoughts.

The Miku Max is from China and is an 800W Bosch Motor powered bike that will do 50KPH and has a range of 60KM, it charges from flat in 4 hours and costs $690, which is a bargain if you compare it to an e-bicycle, full specs are to be found here,


I rented this for only 20 Euros for 1.5 hours (I haggled up from the standard 1 hour) the bike is quite small and has quick steering, it has a digital dashboard that shows you charge amount, speed, mileage and clock. The headlight on the front is LED and has a halo ring, like a BMW and also main and high beam. It has a brake light as well as LED indicators and a horn. Mine was fully road legal and had a registration plate.

The bike has a twist throttle and three power settings to limit it to 15, 25 and 50 KPH which works well if you are meandering around people on the boardwalk or hooning it down the main road. This thing is a blast, I used to ride 125cc Petrol scooters in the UK, I have a Piaggio MP3 and this feels like a small scooter but it is super comfortable to sit on and the ride quality is excellent, you feel safe despite the ickle wheels and I love the design of the scoot, the battery is stored in the floor area and you can remove it to charge it or leave it in and park up next to an electrical outlet. The fake petrol tank is actually a lockable storage area and the space underneath the seat is where you can hang your helmet. Personally, I would add netting and make it a cargo area.

Downsides? well with this and also an electric fat tire mountain e-bike that I also hired here for 3 days, when its fully charged it is super quick and has bags of torque. As soon as it drops to 70% of charge after only a few KM's the torque starts to drop off. So yes it will do 60KM but the last 30 KM's will be with slow acceleration. This to me is the big downside of EV vehicles, I am so used to ICE tech which does not run out of puff.

I am looking into getting one imported into the UK as it will be a great city vehicle and at the price, I can't complain. So what do you think? would you fancy a try on one?

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