41w ago


What a wonderful time we are living in, if you are a Petrolhead. Not a month , it seems, goes by without yet another Hyper or Supercar revealed. Many fall by the wayside never to see the light of day, however these days I feel that is changing and the car above certainly will roll in anger,

It's the MILAN RED.....not a Ferrari, but the brainchild of Austrian Markus Fox and his company Milan Automotive. A 1325bhp quad turbo 6.2litre V8 and is Ballerina light at 1300kg so it's fast.

The unique aspect of this car is the use of Carbon fibre wishbones, the first road going car to do so, big kudos there then. Let's hope it handles as good as it's looks suggest it should.

The design is said to resemble a bird of prey, in this case a Red Kite after which the car is named.

The driver display is said to provide a visualisation of the drivers heart beat and I suspect, if you're brave enough, it will match the claimed 249mph top speed.

And the price $2.3 million dollars or £1.8m sound cheaper in £ and only 99 to be made.

18 are already spoken for.

This car certainly promises not to be form over function unlike some, Devel 16?