Militem Ferox-T is an American truck with some Italian panache

And 281 hp from its Pentastar V6

There isn’t a great deal of overlap between car people and car buyers. Right off the top of my head, I can only think of two types of vehicles that petrolheads like and people actually buy: saloons/sedans - but that’s quickly going out the window because these days everybody buys SUVs - and trucks.

There’s a no-nonsense, blue-collar element to trucks that we appreciate. Given the chance, I’d take a pick-up truck over an SUV equivalent any day of the week and this is no exception. It’s called the Militem Ferox-T (stylised ‘Ferōx’) and I’d rather drive this than its SUV cousin, the Ferox.

It’s based on the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, and built by Militem, an Italian tuning company that specialises in JEEP- and Dodge-based vehicles with better interior, upgraded exterior and more power.

The company was founded in 2017 by Cavauto, the go-to importer of US vehicles for the Italian market and this is their fourth vehicle after the Magnum (based on the Dodge RAM 1500), the Hero (based on the Renegade) and the Ferox (based on the Wrangler).

Ferox-T is powered by a 3.6-litre Pentastar V6, sending 285 PS (281 hp) and 353 Nm (252 ft lbs) of torque to all four wheels, via an 8-speed automatic transmission with flappy paddles. They’ve also fitted a 2-inch lift kit, adjustable suspension, and a Black Performance exhaust system to give it a throaty, gravelly sound.

The standard grille was replaced with a honeycomb one, which is available with gloss black finish or carbon fibre, paired with wider wheel arches and larger front and rear bumpers. There’s also a custom made roll-bar with upgraded LED headlamps and 20-inch wheels specifically designed for the T.

For the truck bed, they’ve used a nautical-grade, waterproof material, and speaking of which, the Ferox-T can tow up to 3,500 kg (7,715 lbs).

Customers can pick just about any colour and fabric they like for the interior. As standard, you get a combo of Alcantara and leather but you can opt for various types of leather and fabrics, including denim.

Pricing starts at €97,490 Euro+VAT. So where exactly can you find Militem vehicles? As things stand, they’ve got four showrooms (Monza, Bologna, Padova, Mantova and the Principality of Monaco), with four more coming soon (Czech Republic, Slovakia, The Netherlands and Germany.)

I haven’t driven the Ferox-T yet but I have driven the Ferox and I liked it. It’s like a Wrangler but better, more fun, less predictable.

We can‘t buy sedans and wagons because manufacturers won’t sell them, we can’t buy sportscars because they’re being taxed to oblivion, but there’s still hope. We gotta change the paradigm in our mind. So hey, mini vans are the new trucks, and trucks are the new supercars.

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Comments (21)

  • They have there uses but I’d only ever use one for work

      5 days ago
    • Trucks? Yeah, that’s what they were designed for. But people are now buying them for “leisure”, who knows why. But I get it, I think they’re cool

        3 days ago
    • I’ve used the Ford ranger in the past and I now use the Volkswagen Amarok for work

      I don’t get why you’d want one as a daily

      It’s not for me

      Read more
        3 days ago
  • These look fantastic, but I think they need more power personally. 281 hp just doesn't seem like nearly enough. Throw a supercharger and a couple of turbos and of course, upgrade the cooling system and they'd be truly awesome. I'm a big guy who likes lots of power in my vehicles, like instant torque and acceleration on tap, plus plenty of grunt on steep, back road tracks.

      4 days ago
    • Through. But then again it’s all about that torque. I think part of the reason why they ‘only’ gave it a 281-hp engine is Italy has an absurd tax on anything with over 300 hp

        3 days ago
  • They really tuned the hell out of that pentastar! 275 horses to 285- whoa watch out!😂😂😞

      5 days ago
    • Looool. Hey it’s 10 horses, isn’t it. Better than nothing. But all jokes aside, the main thing is they wanted to make it look better and more… personal

        5 days ago
    • I do like the styling. A little over-the -top though like something from Texas

        5 days ago
  • I loikes it I loikes it a lot

      5 days ago
  • Please don't tell me it dodent come with a lifetime supply of spaghetti and cheeese!!😂😂

      5 days ago