Mille Miglia on a budget

3w ago


With an entrance fee of 8000 euros the classic Mille Miglia race is far from a budget car rally but the largest cost for most entrants will be buying a qualifying car. The original race ran until 1957 and to enter the recreation event your car must have been eligible for those original races. Pre '57 race cars tend to be rare, super rare and super expensive. I 'chased the race' in a Fiat Panda hire car back in 2007 and there was certainly some extremely exclusive metal on the roads.

But not every car taking part had a 6 figure price tag, the Fiat 500 and BMW Isetta presented more 'affordable' options. The smallest cars also got the biggest cheers as they cruised past spectators.

And now I have discovered another budget classic which qualifies for the race. This Beetle took part in the 2017 edition of the race.

So if you happen to have a pre '57 Beetle then you might just qualify for one of the most exclusive road rallies out there. You still need to pass the application process and be invited to enter. Then you need to raise the 8000 euro entrance fee, sponsorship campaigns could help there but still no small amount for a 1000 mile drive through the Italian landscape. On the plus side Mille Miglia qualification usually increases a cars value, so it could end up being a good investment.

Qualification criteria

The cars whose models took part in at least one of the twenty-four editions of the 1000 Miglia from 1927 to 1957.

Documents needed to register the car as Eligible are: Chronological history of the car, Valid FIVA Identity Card, Fiche ACI Sport, Circulation documents

It costs 500 euros to register and for that you get a certificate of registration in the 1000 Miglia register, Eligible 1000 Miglia radiator metal plate, Possibility to use the Eligible title.

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