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Milltek Sport Exhaust For Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce

Off the back of its great success with its Quadrifoglio system, British Exhaust manufacturer Milltek Sport has announced its full system for the almost equally impressive Veloce model.

Millek has form with the Quadrifoglio. The system for its little brother is no less impressive

In line with the vast majority of Milltek’s offerings, the Veloce fitment can be ordered in a variety of different cat-back configurations, effectively giving those lucky enough to own one of these superb cars freedom to spec the system which best reflects their personality. Choose from either resonated or non-resonated forms, with the latter having the potential to make the new Alfa sound not unlike a thunderstorm when at full chat! Even the fully resonated version will bring about significant improvements in both noise and performance, and this is entirely down to its construction; the core of the system is based around a 3” (76.2mm) system, shown to exhibit superb gas-flow properties – and that’s before we touch upon the ability of the electronic active valve options to further hone the character of the exhaust note!

Bring the noise! 3" system looks and sounds superb!

There’s one unique Milltek Sport option available to Veloce owners, and that’s the firm’s much lauded ‘Active Valve’ button. This is a suitably sophisticated electronic system, permitting the exhaust to be run in the fully open positon whenever you need it – and run in ‘Stealth’ when you don’t. The system integrates flawlessly with the smart factory bumper outlet trims, making the whole thing look very ‘OEM’.

Subtle looks, wonderful noise. The whole thing feels like a dealer option

Evidence of Milltek’s mastery of the dark art of exhaust manufacture can be seen in the stunning construction of the Alfa system, with type-304 aircraft grade steel used throughout, not to mention the kind of welding which can only truly be described as a work of art. Further clues as to the amount of modern thinking utilised in the creation of the system can be found in the pipework itself, with each and every bend having been created using Milltek's state of the art, hi-flow mandrel bending machine. This in turn has imbued the exhaust with superb gas flow properties.

The system has been developed - and made - in Milltek's Deryshire factory

The Milltek system's construction credentials are beyond reproach then, but so too is its performance potential. Extensive dyno testing of Milltek's own demo car has shown impressive power gains, not to mention hikes in torque throughout the rev range, and all achieved without in any way detracting from the Alfa’s innate character. The superb engine note, a mix between a brooding grumble and a menacing howl, has also been subtly enhanced, making it all the better for those B-road blasts.

If your budget doesn't stretch to the range topper, this won't disappoint...

Price: From £965.00 + VAT (Cat Back, Non-Valved)

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